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Saturday, July 13: Book Signing + Live Music

Join us Saturday, July 13 at 4pm for a book signing with Anthony Coleman for his book:



Drawings by Anthony Coleman spanning 2016 to 2023.

36 pages

Published 2023 by Blurring Books, NY


Following at 5:15pm:

Live performance by Full Size, a Philadelphia band described by Byron Coley: "Linked throbbing guitars and very well slammed tubs...somewhere between raunch and drone inducing a wonderful Stooges damaged head buzz."


In conjunction with Anthony Coleman and Andrew Jeffrey Wright: E.T. and Some Bananas and Woodley White: Shirts of All Sizes

Jul 03, 2024

2024 07 full size band 500 0x0x1800x2329 q85

OFF GRID: Elana Adler, Matt Brett, Jesse Harrod

Jesse Harrod



Portland, ME
Jun 7 – July 18, 2024

Curated by Kelsey Halliday Johnson

May 17, 2024


I’ll Be Your Mirror

Jesse Harrod



Mighty Real/Queer Detroit 2024 Biennial
Detroit, MI
May 31 – Jun 30, 2024


On view at Detroit Artists Market and Elaine Jacob Gallery

May 17, 2024

Jesse harrod 0068 500 0x0x2880x3600 q85

The Personal Folk of Jayson Musson’s ‘Allegory of the Veil’ at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

The Artblog

Jayson Musson


May 10, 2024

Jayson musson 0058 500 0x0x3000x2400 q85

Slow Motion

Grounds for Sculpture
Hamilton, NJ
May 5–Sep 1, 2024

Billy Dufala

Curated by Monument Lab


Billy Dufala, Future futures, 2024, aluminum bales, 12 x 15 x 12 feet

May 01, 2024

Billy dufala future futures 500 0x0x1500x2000 q85

The gallery will be closed Friday, May 24–Saturday, May 25 for Memorial Day Weekend

Apr 10, 2024

Conversation with Jayson Musson

Wednesday, May 8, 2024, 6–8pm


Join us for a conversation with Musson about the work in his current show, Allegory of the Veil.

Apr 10, 2024

2024 03 musson allegory of the veil 06 500 0x0x4000x2668 q85

Jayson Musson: His History of Art

Contemporary Arts Center

Cincinnati, OH

April 6 – September 8, 2024

Apr 10, 2024


April 3: Truckload of Art book event with Brendan Greaves

Join us Wednesday, April 3, 2024, at 6pm to celebrate the publication of Brendan Greaves' biography of artist and musician Terry Allen. Both subject and author have history with Fleisher/Ollman: Allen showed artwork at Janet Fleisher Gallery in 1994 alongside collaborators from the musical Chippy, which premiered in Philadelphia that year; and Greaves was a director at the gallery in the early 2000s, where he was introduced to Allen's work. More information

Mar 22, 2024

Truckload of art terry allen brendan greaves 500 0x0x1483x1854 q85

Delaware Art Museum Family-in-Residence

Isaac Tin Wei Lin and Melissa Choi, along with their son, Teo, redesigned the Kids’ Corner at the Delaware Art Museum during their 2023–24 residency.

Mar 10, 2024


5 Artists on Our Radar in February 2024

Artsy Editorial

Molly Metz


Feb 05, 2024

Molly metz 0052 500 130x182x2733x3590 q85


From a Chestnut Hill porch to the Barnes Foundation, by way of PMA, a long-lost sculpture finds it way

The Philadelphia Inquirer

William Edmondson


Aug 29, 2023

Download PDF

Isaac Tin Wei Lin / Time Lines: First Words

Temple Contemporary
Philadelphia, PA
Aug 30–Dec 9, 2023

Isaac Tin Wei Lin

Aug 23, 2023

Download PDF
20230810 tin wei lin i 008 high res jpeg 300 dpi 500 0x0x1200x799 q85

Space-States and Other Realms

Charles Addams Fine Arts Gallery, University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Jul 7–Jul 18, 2023

Kate Abercrombie, Sarah Gamble, Paul Swenbeck

In conjunction with PhilaDelic

Jul 06, 2023


Dorothy F. Foster: The Stilly Night

New York, NY
Jun 8–Jul 21, 2023

Dorothy F. Foster

May 31, 2023

E dsc1708 500 0x29x1845x1233 q85

White Columns Benefit Auction

White Columns
New York, NY
May 15–Jun 1, 2023

Dorothy F. Foster

May 15, 2023

Dorothy f foster 0578 500 0x0x3067x2622 q85

The National 4: Australian Art Now

Campbelltown Art Center
Campbelltown, NSW
Mar 30–Jun 25, 2023

Julian Martin

May 09, 2023


Painting is Frozen Music

Vox Populi
Philadelphia, PA
Opens May 5, 2023

Anthony Campuzano

May 09, 2023


What Would Ben Franklin Say? Artists Weigh the Dream of Democracy

The New York Times

Eamon Ore-Giron


image: “Black Medallion XIV (Inti)” (2022) by Eamon Ore-Giron at the top of a stair at PAFA.Credit: Aaron Richter for The New York Times

Mar 23, 2023

Screenshot 2023 03 23 at 6.39.29 pm 500 0x0x2724x1810 q85

Jesse Harrod’s road to macramé through the American South

The Artblog

Jesse Harrod


Mar 07, 2023

Jesse harrod 0077 500 0x0x2403x3600 q85

2023 Outsider Art Fair New York Preview


Mar 01, 2023

Dorothy f foster 0241 500 0x0x3000x2250 q85

Closing Conversation with Jesse Harrod

Join us Saturday, March 11 at 2pm for a conversation with Jesse Harrod on the final day of their exhibition: Tough Nut.

Feb 27, 2023

Jesse harrod 0096 500 88x119x2736x3337 q85

Sarah Gamble receives MacDowell fellowship

Gamble will be in residence at MacDowell February–April 2023.

Feb 27, 2023

2023 macdowell sarah gamble 500 0x0x1618x1732 q85

A chance discovery has the Outsider Art world ‘going goo-goo.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Dorothy F. Foster


Jan 25, 2023

Download PDF
Dorothy f foster 0821 500 99x40x2239x3483 q85

Raw Reviews: Dorothy F. Foster

Raw Vision
Dorothy F. Foster


Jan 01, 2023

Download PDF
Dorothy f foster 0169 framed 500 0x0x3000x3750 q85


Extraordinary icons, ‘Leigh Bowery & A Bottle of 7UP’ at Fleisher Ollman Gallery

The Artblog


Dec 22, 2022

Bayaht ham 0010 500 39x46x2900x3889 q85

Many Happy Returns

Marginal Utility
Philadelphia, PA
Dec 2, 2022–Jan 23, 2023,

Sarah Gamble

Nov 29, 2022

2022 12 02 sarah gamble marginal utility 500 0x0x500x667 q85

from bits and pieces, from lots of places, from different spots in time

New York, NY
Oct 28–Dec 17, 2022

Bill Walton

Oct 28, 2022

2022 10 28 bill walton jtt 500 0x0x3000x1998 q85

Press for “Jayson Musson: His History of Art” at the Fabric Workshop and Museum

Jayson Musson explains art history as a sitcom at Philly’s Fabric Workshop and Museum

The Art Angle Podcast: Why Artist Jayson Musson Is Clowning a Humorless Art World

Art history as a sitcom: Jayson Musson serves up satire and nostalgia in Philadelphia exhibition
The Art Newspaper

Puppet Master: The World According to Jayson Musson

Jayson Musson: His History of Art
The Brooklyn Rail

A Bigger Canvas for Jayson Musson Includes Puppets and Picasso
The New York Times

Jayson Musson

Sep 07, 2022

Jayson musson fabric workshop fwm jm hhoa process 03 scaled 500 0x0x800x1200 q85


Joy Feasley



Hicks Art Center Gallery, Bucks County Community Collete
Newtown, PA
Aug 24–Oct 14, 2022

Aug 19, 2022

Joy feasley 0067 500 0x0x2601x3468 q85

Mark Mahosky: Vanity & Disaster

Mark Mahosky



Holmes Hall Gallery, Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA
Aug 15–Oct 7, 2022

Aug 15, 2022

Mark mahosky vanity 2022 500 0x0x2372x2157 q85

Jayson Musson: His History of Art

Fabric Workshop and Museum
July 22 – December 31, 2022


Jayson Musson

Jul 20, 2022

Jayson musson fabric workshop fwm jm hhoa process 03 500 0x0x3744x5616 q85

Negotiating Grids

Isaac Tin Wei Lin



Pennsylvania Academy of the FIne Arts
Philadelphia, PA
Jul 8–Dec 31, 2022


image: Fragmentary Bliss, 2021Acrylic and airbrush ink on panel

Jul 08, 2022

Isaac tin wei lin 0619 500 0x0x2696x2697 q85

On the Nature of Things

Philadelphia Wireman



Andrew Kreps
New York, NY
Jun 30–Aug 12, 2022
Curated by Alex Glauber

Jun 30, 2022

Philadelphia wireman 2022 andrew kreps 500 0x0x1800x1350 q85

Patrick Maguire: Day Residue

Pat Maguire



Pennsylvania Academy of the FIne Arts
Philadelphia, PA
Jun 30–Oct 30, 2022

Jun 30, 2022

Patrick maguire 0018 500 0x0x2567x2567 q85

The Impossible Exhibition

Powerstation 501
Villanova, PA
Jun 8–Jun 18, 2022
Opening Wednesday, June 8, 5–8pm

Benefiting the Philadelphia Ballet, curated by Thomas Brummett


Sarah Gamble

Jun 07, 2022

Night station 500 0x0x2500x1818 q85

At the Shed, Frieze II Takes Off

Roberta Smith, The New York Times

Eamon Ore-Giron


May 24, 2022


How Kambel Smith’s Sculptures of Philly Landmarks Radiate “Us”


Kambel Smith


May 24, 2022


Greenwood Place

Jack Shainman Gallery
New York, NY
May 12–Jun 18, 2022

Becky Suss

May 18, 2022


In the ‘cacophony’ of the Americas, painter Eamon Ore-Giron finds elegant patterns

Los Angeles Times

Eamon Ore-Giron


May 12, 2022



Main Line Art Center
Haverford, PA
May 9–Jun 11, 2022

Jesse Harrod

May 09, 2022


Brothers living with autism show off their ‘superhuman’ abilities through art, technology

Fox 29 Philadelphia

Kambel Smith


Apr 28, 2022


Abstraction From a Different Origin



Eamon Ore-Giron

Apr 26, 2022


Say Less

Philadelphia Wireman

Curated by William Pym
Herald St
London, UK
Apr 6–May 7, 2022

Mar 30, 2022

Philadelphia wireman 0026 500 0x0x3082x4622 q85

Molly Metz: It Will Grow Back

Molly Metz

Friends Indeed Gallery
San Francisco, CA
Mar 31–May 6, 2022

Mar 30, 2022

Molly metz 0026 500 0x0x3000x3374 q85

The 9 Best Booths at New York’s Outsider Art Fair


Kambel Smith, Philadelphia Wireman

Mar 04, 2022


On display at Green Gallery: Kambel Smith shrinks city down to size in “Milwaukee Recycled”

Milwaukee Record

Kambel Smith

Mar 03, 2022


Platform, March 2022

Isaac Tin Wei Lin

Mar 1–Mar 31, 2022

Mar 01, 2022

Isaac tin wei lin 0638 500 0x0x3000x3716 q85

Milwaukee miniatures artist Kambel Smith makes it to Brew City



Kambel Smith

Mar 01, 2022


Platform, March 2022

Molly Metz

Mar 1–Mar 31, 2022

Mar 01, 2022

Molly metz 0022 500 0x0x3000x3000 q85

Sarah Gamble’s spiritual-abstract ‘Theory of Everything’ at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

Kate Brock in The Artblog


Sarah Gamble, Theory of Everything

Feb 24, 2022

Sarah gamble 0181 500 150x209x2693x3012 q85

Primary Prism

Permanent mural installation by Isaac Tin Wei Lin, co-commissioned by the Sachs Program for Arts Innovation for The Annenberg Center, University of Pennsylvania


Photo: Jaime Álvarez

Feb 15, 2022

2 3 north primary prism isaac lin 206 500 0x0x1333x2000 q85

No. 534: Eamon Ore-Giron, Ray Johnson

Interview for Modern Art Notes Podcast with, Tyler Green


Eamon Ore-Giron

Jan 27, 2022



Expanding the Scope of ‘Latin American Art’

Holland Cotter in The New York Times


Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Dec 16, 2021

Download PDF
16latino art roundup consalvos superjumbo 500 0x0x1358x2048 q85

Popular Painters & Other Visionaries

Felipe Jesus Consalvos

El Museo del Barrio
New York, NY
Nov 12, 2021–Feb 27, 2022

Nov 18, 2021

Felipe jesus consalvos 0777 500 0x0x3172x5287 q85

Joy Feasley: lyseslukker

Joy Feasley

Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR
Nov 1–Dec 18, 2021

Nov 01, 2021

Joy feasley 0062 500 0x0x2729x2198 q85

In Dialogue

Joy Feasley, Paul Swenbeck, Pat Maguire

Temple Contemporary
Philadelphia, PA
Oct 22, 2021–Feb 4, 2022

Oct 22, 2021

2021 11 19 18 23 44 500 0x0x3000x4000 q85


Espace Muraille
Geneva, Switzerland
Sep 23–Dec 11, 2021


Eamon Ore-Giron


Sep 23, 2021


In the Meanwhile… Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Art, Part II,

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara, CA
Aug 15, 2021–Jan 30, 2022

Eamon Ore-Giron


Aug 15, 2021


The Youngest Day

carlier gabauer
Berlin, Germany
Jul 24–Aug 9, 2021


Eamon Ore-Giron


Jul 24, 2021


La Tranchée Racine Hebdomadaire Numéro 25

Published in conjunction with “DANS LES TÊTES DE STÉPHANE BLANQUET” at Halle St. Pierre, Paris


Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Jul 18, 2021

Felipe jesus consalvos 0778 500 0x0x3488x5167 q85

Meet the Artist Becky Suss

Members-only talk at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Wed, July 21, 2021

Becky Suss

Jul 07, 2021

Becky suss new grit 500 0x0x1800x1350 q85

Galleries: “Super-Rough”

The New York Times


Kambel Smith

Jun 18, 2021



Becky Suss

The School | Jack Shainman Gallery
Kinderhook, NY
Jun 5–Oct 30, 2021

Jun 05, 2021

Becky suss jack shainman 500 0x0x1176x1650 q85

Will o’ the Wisp

Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley

Center for Maine Contemporary Art
Rockland, Maine
May 29 – Sep 12, 2021


Organized by and featuring Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck, including Asata Radcliffe, Aaron Igler, Virgil Marti, Clint Takeda, Kelsey Halliday Johnson and Shannon Bowser.


May 29, 2021

2021 swenbeck feasley will o the wisp 500 0x0x1350x1800 q85

New Grit: Art & Philly Now

Becky Suss

Philadelphia Museum of Art
May 7–Aug 22, 2021

May 07, 2021

Becky suss 0114 500 0x0x2021x3031 q85

The Symmetry of Tears

Eamon Ore-Giron

James Cohan
New York, NY
May 1–Jun 5, 2021

May 01, 2021

Eamon ore giron symmetry 500 0x0x1800x1199 q85

Dear John


New York, NY
Mar 19–Apr 24, 2021 

In collaboration with Adams and Ollman and Fleisher/Ollman


James Castle
Felipe Jesus Consalvos
William Edmondson
Lee Godie
William Hawkins
Philadelphia Wireman
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
Bill Walton
Joseph Yoakum

Mar 24, 2021

Bill walton 0713 500 0x0x4928x3269 q85

Dear John


Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR
Mar 19–Apr 17, 2021

In collaboration with JTT and Fleisher/Ollman


James Castle, Isaac Tin Wei Lin, Becky Suss

Mar 19, 2021

Issac tin wei lin 0604 500 0x0x2276x3000 q85

Jordan Deal’s metaphysical storytelling in sculptural assemblages at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery

Logan Cryer interviews Jordan Deal about Hissed gently in silence, a dream of Flight for the Artblog.

Feb 11, 2021

2021 02 artblog jordan deal 500 0x0x1600x1200 q85



Friends Indeed Gallery
San Francisco, CA
Jun 25–Aug 14, 2020


Eamon Ore-Giron


Jun 25, 2020


Arts Project Australia Artist Profile: Alex Baker on Julian Martin

May 26, 2020

Julian martin 0213 500 0x0x1583x2362 q85

9 Things To See at the Independent Art Fair 2020 This Weekend

Art in America: The Guide


Bill Walton

Mar 07, 2020

Bill walton 0883 500 359x215x2322x1547 q85

Independent New York delivers resilience, poignance and power



Jesse Harrod

Mar 06, 2020

Jesse harrod 0020 500 0x0x3000x2250 q85

The Uncanny Domestic Spaces of Becky Suss

The New Yorker


Becky Suss

Mar 03, 2020

2020 new yorker blackwood becky suss01 500 0x0x1600x2217 q85

10 Must-See Exhibitions This Week, From Paris to Los Angeles and Beyond

Surface Mag
Becky Suss

Feb 24, 2020

2020 surface mag becky suss 500 35x183x1935x1117 q85

How a Museum Inspired a Book That In Turn Gave Birth to a Painting

on Observer.com


Becky Suss

Feb 21, 2020

2020 01 20 suss observer 500 0x0x331x127 q85

Where They Are

Becky Suss

Jack Shainman Gallery
New York, NY
Feb 21–Mar 28, 2020

Feb 21, 2020

2020 02 21 becky suss 500 463x61x481x675 q85

Spotlight on Outsider Art: 27 Self-Taught Artists You Should Know About (Part 1)

Art in America Guide


Kambel Smith

Jan 22, 2020

2020 01 17 kambel smith artguide 500 0x0x545x721 q85

What’s Up With the Outsiders

Will Heinrich on the Outsider Art Fair in The New York Times

Jan 22, 2020

Download PDF
Adolf wolfli 0002 500 14x20x2123x2953 q85


Artists in Residence, Offsite at Fitler Club

Anthony Campuzano, Sarah Gamble, and Mark Mahosky’s works are on view at Offsite at Fitler Club through 2020 for its inaugural Artists in Residence program.

Dec 06, 2019

2019 12 offsite at fitler club 500 0x0x627x495 q85

Philly artist with autism whose work sells for $25,000 has a Center City show. A year ago, he was unknown.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Kambel Smith: Philadelphia


Photo: Jessica Griffin for The Philadelphia Inquirer

Nov 06, 2019

2019 11 kambel inquirer 500 0x0x1400x931 q85

Mark Mahosky: The Yellow Drawings, 1986–2019

Mark Mahosky

University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI
Nov 6–Dec 6, 2019

Nov 06, 2019

Mark mahosky 0317 500 0x0x1952x2048 q85

Artistic Superhero

The Philadelphia Inquirer


Kambel Smith

Nov 05, 2019

Download PDF

Summon the Sea! Contemporary Artists and Moby Dick

Tristin Lowe

Curated by Rachel Reese

Telfair Museums, Jepson Center
Savannah, GA
Oct 11–Feb 16, 2019




A Whale of an Exhibition Connect Savannah


Taking the Deep Dive:Telfair Museums Presents ‘Summon the Sea! Contemporary Artists and Moby Dick’ Do Savannah

Nov 01, 2019

2019 tristin lowe mocha dick telfair 500 0x0x1024x682 q85

DFW – Please Touch Museum

Isaac Tin Wei Lin

Scooters for Peace
Tokyo, Japan
Nov 2 – Nov 30, 2019

Nov 01, 2019

Ili 600 500 0x0x1080x1350 q85

‘Soft Power’

Eamon Ore-Giron



Oct 26, 2019 – Feb 17, 2020
SFMOMA, San Francisco

SFMOMA’s ‘Soft Power’ displays the influence of art in the 21st century

–San Francisco Chronicle

'Soft Power' showcases world-changing art
–San Francisco Examiner

Oct 16, 2019

Eamon ore giron 0032 500 130x188x2134x2593 q85

Becky Suss awarded Pew Fellowship

Suss is the recipient of a 2019 Fellowship in the Arts from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.

Oct 14, 2019

Becky suss pew fellow 1 web 500 0x0x1100x734 q85

Kambel Smith: New Work

Kambel Smith

Marlborough New York, Downtown
New York, NY
Oct 12–Nov 16, 2019

Oct 12, 2019

Smith guild house 2019 cardboard foam board gouache oil paint and charcoal 33 x 88 x 36 in. 83.8 x 223.5 x 91.4 cm 1000 xxx q85 500 0x0x1000x666 q85

Nicolas Party: Pastel

Julian Martin

FLAG Art Foundation
New York, NY
Oct 11–Dec 14, 2019

Oct 11, 2019

Jmart 0228 500 49x0x986x1350 q85

Extravagant fiber art and sculpture

Edith Newhall on Mending and Repair in Response in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Oct 04, 2019

2019 10 harrod raskin 11 500 0x0x3000x1990 q85

Yo Melbourne, We’re from Philly!

“Queen” Nancy Bell, Knicoma Frederick, Jenny Cox, Dwayne Boone, Paige Donovan, Geraldo Gonzalez

Group show curated by Alex Baker

Arts Project Australia
Melbourne, Australia
Sep 21–Oct 19, 2019


Jenny Cox, Saw Red Cap Bag, 2016, marker on paper, 18 x 24 inches, JCOX 21

Sep 21, 2019

Jenny cox 0021 500 0x0x2912x2184 q85

Secondary Sources

Anthony Campuzano

Tiger Strikes Asteroid
Brooklyn, NY
Sep 6–Oct 6 2019

Aug 25, 2019

Anthony campuzano 0236 500 87x72x3161x2383 q85

Present Tense: Recent Gifts of Contemporary Art

Jayson Musson


Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia, PA
on view through Dec 2019


Trying to find our spot off in that light, light off in that spot, 2014, mercerized cotton stretched over cotton, 72 x 90 x 1 5/8 inches

Aug 15, 2019

Jsm 0031 500 0x0x3000x2400 q85

Open Sessions: What’s Love Got to Do With It?

The Dufala Brothers


Organized by Rosario Güiraldes and Lisa Sigal, Open Sessions Curators

The Drawing Center
New York, NY
Aug 16–Sep 15, 2019
Reception: Aug 15, 6–8pm

Aug 06, 2019


An Animated Teaching Tool That Breaks Down How Criticism and Ideology Work

Laura Raicovich on Lisi Raskin’s instructional video in Hyperallergic

Jun 26, 2019

2019 06 26 raskin animation 500 0x0x1460x1073 q85

Joseph Elmer Yoakum

Joseph Yoakum

Venus Over Manhattan
New York, NY
Jun 20–Jul 26 2019

Jun 19, 2019

Joseph yoakum 0125 500 0x0x3924x2987 q85

The Woodmere Annual: 78th Juried Exhibition

Bill Walton, Pat Maguire
curated by Eileen Neff

Woodmere Art Museum
Philadelphia, PA
Jun 1–Sep 2, 2019

May 30, 2019


Tristin Lowe on absurdity, the Big Bang, ‘Tiny Bangs,’ blue jeans, and more

Matt Singer speaks to Tristin Lowe in The Artblog.

May 29, 2019

Tlo artblog 500 0x0x742x905 q85

White Columns Benefit Auction

Works by Felipe Jesus Consalvos and Philadelphia Wireman, and a Memory Jug from Fleisher/Ollman’s collection are included in White Columns’ annual benefit auction.

Silent auction: May 18–29
Live auction: Wednesday, May 29, 6:30pm
White Columns
91 Horatio St, New York, NY


Tickets available here.

May 22, 2019

White columns 2019 500 0x0x1003x912 q85

Vernacular Interior

Becky Suss

curated by Adeze Wilford
Hales Gallery
New York, NY
Jun 6–Jul 20 2019

May 14, 2019

2019 06 hales vernacular interior 03 500 0x0x3000x2000 q85

Your Plus-One

Kate Abercrombie

Mount Airy Contemporary
Philadelphia, PA
May 11 – Jun 15, 2019

May 07, 2019


Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck in NADA House

Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck will present a collaborative installation, Midnight Sun, sponsored by Adams and Ollman and Fleisher/Ollman

Colonels Row, Governors Island
New York, NY
May 4 2019–Aug 4 2019

May 02, 2019

2019 04 paul swenbeck joy feasley nada house 500 0x0x457x737 q85

From whale to waves

Edith Newhall on Tiny Bangs in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Tristin Lowe

Apr 27, 2019

Tristin lowe 0200 500 0x0x2250x3000 q85

Young Artist With Autism To Be Honored By Philadelphia City Council

CBS Philly

Kambel Smith

Apr 11, 2019


Local artist with autism displays 'Autisarian' superpowers

ABC Action News

Kambel Smith

Apr 10, 2019



Anthony Campuzano


Monte Vista Projects
Los Angeles, CA
Apr 20–May 12, 2019

Apr 02, 2019

Anthony campuzano 0264 500 0x0x2613x3000 q85


Group show including Tristin Lowe, curated by Julie Courtney

WheatonArts, The Museum of American Glass
Millville, NJ
Apr 2–Dec 31, 2019

Apr 01, 2019

2019 03 22 tristin lowe wheaton 500 0x0x960x1200 q85

We Sing in a Dead Language

Jayson Musson


Zidoun Bossuyt Gallery
Mar 29–May 4, 2019

Mar 30, 2019

2019 04 jayson musson zidoun bossuyt 500 0x0x1022x681 q85

Sarah Gamble and the Matter of Meaning, Meaning of Matter at Fleisher-Ollman Gallery [The Artblog]

Matt Singer on Sarah Gamble: New Paintings

Mar 25, 2019

Sarah gamble 0139 500 165x185x2717x3311 q85

Two one-painter shows [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Edith Newhall on Sarah Gamble: New Paintings in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Mar 24, 2019

2019 03 23 sarah gamble inquirer 500 0x0x1920x2400 q85

The Autotopographers

Becky Suss


John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Sheboygan, WI
Mar 24–Sep 15, 2019

Mar 23, 2019

2019 03 24 becky suss bedroom with peacock feathers installed 500 138x122x1154x978 q85

From Contemporary Surrealism to Queer Photography, 6 Highlights of the Independent [Garage]

Mar 09, 2019

David byrd 0037 500 0x0x3549x2745 q85

Eight Artists at Independent to Collect for Under $15,000 (If You’re Lucky and Move Fast) Artnet News [Artnet]

Mar 09, 2019

Philadelphia wireman 1037 500 0x0x1940x2898 q85

David Byrd [The Brooklyn Rail]

Nicholas Heskes on David Byrd at White Columns, New York

Mar 07, 2019


Termite Art and the Modern Museum

The New Yorker


Becky Suss

Feb 28, 2019

Suss 113 500 91x126x807x1115 q85

Writers Making Books

Jason Musson’s Black Like Me is included in this exhibition highlighting writers who have a hand in designing their own books.

Spruance Art Gallery, Arcadia University
Feb 5–Apr 21, 2019

Feb 22, 2019

2019 02 jayson musson 500 0x0x1400x2448 q85

Pictures at An Exhibition: Think of Me [ArtNews]

Anthony Campuzano and Felipe Jesus Consalvos on ARTnews.com

Feb 22, 2019

2019 thinkofme install 006 500 0x0x3000x2000 q85

Becky Suss/Wharton Esherick at the Wharton Esherick Museum

Wharton Esherick Museum

Malvern, PA
Mar 4–31, 2019

This presentation incorporates Becky Suss’s paintings of Esherick’s studio back into the studio itself, bringing Suss’s collaboration with the Esherick Museum full circle.

Feb 20, 2019

Download PDF
Becky suss 0130 500 343x299x3360x2639 q85

X-TRA’s Views from Here

A panel discussion about being based in Los Angeles with Kelly Akashi, Kori Newkirk, Eamon Ore-Giron, and Mary Weatherford. Moderated by Naima Keith and Diana Nawi.

Organized by X-TRA
Frieze LA
Los Angeles, CA

Feb 15, 2019

2018 05 eamon ore giron made in la 500 392x0x1717x1733 q85

Monoprint edition to Commemorate Vox Populi Gallery’s 30th Anniversary

Kate Abercrombie

Henbane, 2018

5-color screen print with real and imitation gold paint

Edition of 25, + AP


Feb 13, 2019

Kate abercrombie 0083 500 0x0x2802x3578 q85

Jennifer Levonian at Locust Projects

Jennifer Levonian and Eva Wylie
Locust Projects
Miami, FL
Feb 13–Mar 30, 2019

Feb 13, 2019

2019 02 levonian wylie outage 500 0x0x1000x783 q85

Retro photos, art books, sculpture: Don’t miss Scott Noel’s figurative paintings, Sarah Gamble’s abstractions, and an old city “reunion.” [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Sarah Gamble: New Paintings in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Feb 10, 2019

Sarah gamble 0138 500 157x157x2087x2677 q85

Local Artist With Autism Gains Recognition For Models Of Philly Landmarks

CBS Philly

Kambel Smith

Feb 08, 2019


Think of Me

Group show including Anthony Campuzano and Felipe Jesus Consalvos


Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR

Feb 8–Mar 16, 2019

Feb 08, 2019

Anthony campuzano 0203 500 81x75x2689x4024 q85

This Wilmington artist's colorful transit art is finally getting the attention it deserves [The News Journal]

Geraldo Gonzalez in the Delaware News Journal

Feb 06, 2019

Geraldo gonzalez 0004 500 0x0x3983x2912 q85

Meet the 'Autisarian' Philly artist whose work is making waves

Metro Philly

Kambel Smith

Feb 06, 2019


event * Conversation with Becky Suss

Saturday, January 26, 2pm


Join us on the closing day of Becky Suss/Wharton Esherick for a conversation wtih Becky Suss; Wharton Esherick Museum's Executive Director, Julie Siglin, and Curator and Program Director, Laura Heemer; and Moderne Gallery's Founder and Co-Director, Robert Aibel.


A publication to accompany the exhibition will be available for purchase.

Jan 26, 2019

Pub suss esherick 05 500 0x0x2828x3535 q85

At a Frenetic Outsider Art Fair Opening, Memory Jugs, New Discoveries, and a Family Affair [ArtNews]

Outsider Art Fair in ARTnews

Jan 23, 2019

Miroslav tichy 0010 500 0x0x3000x1835 q85

A Decolonial Atlas: Strategies in Contemporary Art of the Americas

Group show including Eamon Ore-Giron

Mandeville Gallery, Union College
Schenectady, NY
Jan 19 – Jun 16, 2019

Jan 19, 2019

Eamon ore giron 0004 500 0x0x2880x3600 q85

The Outsider Art Fair: a victim of its own success?

The Art Newspaper

Kambel Smith

Jan 19, 2019


6 Inspiring Outsider Artists You Should Know

Artsy Editorial

Kambel Smith

Jan 18, 2019


At a Frenetic Outsider Art Fair Opening, Memory Jugs, New Discoveries, and a Family Affair


Kambel Smith

Jan 18, 2019


A Tour of the 2018 Outsider Art Fair in New York


Kambel Smith

Jan 18, 2019


Outsider Art of the Moment: 66 Exhibitors, 7 Countries, 1 Fair

The New York Times

Kambel Smith

Jan 18, 2019


What Is “Outsider” in Unthinkable Times? [Hyperallergic]

Edward M. Gómez on the Outsider Art Fair New York 2019 in Hyperallergic


Image: Queen Nancy Bell

Jan 12, 2019

Qnb 0027 1000 500 0x0x774x1000 q85

Wharton Esherick’s Home Studio, channelled through Becky Suss’s paintings at Fleisher-Ollman Gallery [The Artblog]

Mandy Palasik on Becky Suss/Wharton Esherick in The Artblog

Becky Suss

Jan 10, 2019

2018 11 suss esherick 13 500 0x0x3000x1987 q85


Becky Suss Paints Wharton Esherick’s Dream-Like Home and Studio [Hyperallergic]

Samantha Mitchell on Becky Suss/Wharton Esherick in Hyperallergic.


Becky Suss

Dec 18, 2018

Download PDF
Becky suss 0137 500 392x332x3115x2468 q85

Draw, Transfer, Repeat with Anthony Campuzano

Drawing workshop led by Anthony Campuzano
December 2, 2018
Pennsylvania Academy of the FIne Arts

Dec 02, 2018

2018 12 anthony campuzano pafa 500 0x0x1920x1920 q85

Wharton Esherick, re-interpreted [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Edith Newhall on Becky Suss/Wharton Esherick in the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Becky Suss

Nov 25, 2018

Download PDF
Becky suss 0129 500 328x160x3215x2761 q85

November 10: Closing Conversation

Join us at Fleisher/Ollman on the closing day of David Byrd: Patient Pondering for a conversation about the artist's life and work with the David Byrd Estate's Jody Isaacson. 


Saturday, November 10


Nov 10, 2018

2018 09 david byrd 13 500 0x0x4215x2807 q85

Not Even Human

RedLine Art Center
Denver, CO
Nov 10–Dec 9, 2018

Group show featuring Sarah Gamble

Nov 09, 2018

Sarah gamble 0116 500 0x340x3128x3291 q85

Primary Dispersion

New mural by Isaac Lin at 421 N. 7th St, Philadelphia, in collaboration with Mural Arts.

Nov 03, 2018

2018 isaac tin wei lin primary dispersion 500 0x0x1080x776 q85

A Psych Ward-Inspired Trove of Outsider Art Finally Sees the Light [Hyperallergic]

Lev Feigin on David Byrd in Hyperallergic

Nov 01, 2018

David byrd 0029 500 0x0x2791x3414 q85

In Philadelphia galleries: A former Temple dean gets her close-up [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Edith Newhall in the Philadelphia Inquirer on Rochelle Toner at the Print Center

Oct 26, 2018

Rochelle toner 2018 10 26 inquirer 500 0x0x1400x934 q85

Open Sessions 12: a … is alter(ed)

Group show featuring the Dufala brothers, organized by Rosario Güiraldes and Lisa Sigal

The Drawing Center
New York, NY
Oct 12–Dec 2, 2018

Oct 23, 2018

Dufala brothers 0165 500 0x0x2811x1583 q85

Jennifer Levonian: The Lost Islands of Philadelphia

The premiere of Jennifer Levonian’s new animation

Temple Contemporary
Philadelphia, PA
Oct 18, 2018

Oct 18, 2018

2018 10 14 levonian 500 0x0x2000x2000 q85

One Day at a Time: Manny Farber and Termite Art

Museum of Contemporary Art,
Los Angeles, CA

Oct 14, 2018–Mar 11, 2019

Becky Suss

Oct 14, 2018

Suss 113 500 0x0x1001x1341 q85

Festival for the People

Organized by Philadelphia Contemporary


Jennifer Levonian’s Xylophone screens on the Cherry Street Pier


Jayson Musson's contribution to Pledges of Allegiance flies on the Race Street Pier


Philadelphia, PA
Oct 13–27, 2018

Oct 13, 2018

2018 10 12 festival 500 0x0x1605x2000 q85

Tristin Lowe: Under the Influence

University of Michigan Museum of Art
Ann Arbor, MI
Oct 6, 2018–Jan 13, 2019

Oct 06, 2018

Tristin lowe 0106 500 0x0x3888x2589 q85

Isaac Tin Wei Lin: Alignment

Needles and Pens
San Francisco, CA

Opening reception:
Saturday, October 6, 2018, 6–9pm


Isaac Lin

Oct 01, 2018

2018 10 isaac lin alignment 500 0x0x1883x2400 q85

In Philly galleries now: Anissa Mack, David Byrd, and Yusef Abdul Jaleel [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Edith Newhall on David Byrd: Patient Pondering

Sep 29, 2018

Download PDF
2018 09 27 david byrd inquirer 500 0x0x1170x1190 q85

Artforum: Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck

Bea Huff Hunter reviews Out, Out, Phosphene Candle at the John MIchael Kohler Arts Center


Joy Feasley, Paul Swenbeck

Sep 05, 2018

Download PDF
20180831 artforum pauljoy 11 500 0x0x1461x2467 q85

Knock Knock: Humour in Contemporary Art

Group Show including Jayson Musson, curated by Margot Heller with artist Ryan Gander


South London Gallery, London
Sep 22–Nov 18, 2018


Jayson Musson

Sep 04, 2018

Jayson musson knock knock 2018 500 320x0x880x900 q85

Common Forms

Group show including Eamon Ore-Giron, curated by Owen Duffy


Monterrey, Mexico
Sep 6–Nov 6, 2018

Sep 04, 2018

Eamon ore giron 0015 500 0x0x2050x2400 q85

Artforum Critics’ Picks: Chris Corales [artforum.com]

Becky Huff Hunter on Chris Corales’s A Passer-By in His Own Moment on Artforum.com

Aug 07, 2018

Download PDF
Chris corales 0068 500 0x0x4006x3098 q85

Jennifer Levonian at Seattle Art Fair

Aug 2–5, 2018


Jennifer Levonian's animation, Xylophone, is included in the fair's on-site program curated by Nato Thompson. 


Presented by Adams and Ollman, Portland

Aug 02, 2018

Levonian xylophone still 6 500 0x0x1920x1080 q85

Edith Newhall on ‘Party in the Front’ [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Party in the Front

Jul 12, 2018

Download PDF
Kate abercrombie 0054 500 450x518x3014x3768 q85

Condo New York

Adams and Ollman, Portland; and Chapter NY present a three-person exhibition including Joy Feasley.

Chapter NY
New York, NY
Jun 29–Jul 27, 2018


Jun 29, 2018

Screen shot 2018 06 19 at 5.34.04 pm 500 0x0x504x636 q85

Jayson Musson in “Difference Engine”

(group show)

Lisson Gallery
New York, NY


curated by Cory Arcangel and Tina Kukielski


Jayson Musson

Jun 29, 2018

Jayson musson 2018 lisson 500 0x18x500x727 q85


Group show featuring Becky Suss


Jack Shainman Gallery
New York, NY

Jun 26–Aug 10, 2018

Jun 28, 2018

2018 06 news suss shainman orientation 500 271x334x1868x2345 q85

I Was Raised on the Internet

Jun 24–Oct 13, 2018
Museum of Contemporary Art
Chicago, IL


Group show featuring Jayson Musson

Jun 23, 2018

Screen shot 2018 06 19 at 5.13.30 pm 500 0x0x576x555 q85

White Columns Annual Benefit

The annual White Columns benefit includes works by Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Julian Martin (donated by Arts Project Australia), Philadelphia Wireman, and Jayson Musson.

Friday, June 22, 2018, 7pm

Jun 22, 2018

Jayson musson 0054 500 0x0x2907x4246 q85

Project Rooms

Group show featuring Sarah Gamble

Edward Thorp Gallery
New York, NY

Jun 14, 2018

2018 06 news sarah gamble ed thorp 500 0x0x1500x999 q85

The Candy Store

(group show)


Parker Gallery
Los Angeles, CA
Jun 10–Aug 11, 2018


Joseph Yoakum

Jun 10, 2018

Candy store parker gallery 06.08.2018 14 1680x1120 500 0x0x1680x1119 q85

Chicago Calling: Art Against the Flow

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Chicago, IL

Jun 9, 2018–Jan 6, 2019


Group exhibition featuring ten artists including Joseph Yoakum and Lee Godie, curated by Kenneth Burkhart and Lisa Stone


Organized and traveled by Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, and traveling to Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, March 23 - August 2, 2019; Prinzhorn Collection, Heidelberg, September 2019–January 2020; Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne, March 6–August 30, 2020; and Outsider Art Museum, Amsterdam, September 2020–March 2021.

Jun 09, 2018


‘Made in L.A. 2018’: Why the Hammer biennial is the right show for disturbing times [LA Times]

Christopher Knight in the Los Angeles Times


Eamon Ore-Giron

Jun 05, 2018

Download PDF
2018 05 eamon ore giron made in la 500 0x0x2310x1733 q85

Resolutely Political LA Artists Focus on the Body in the City’s Latest Biennial [Hyperallergic]

Eamon Ore-Giron

Jun 04, 2018

Download PDF
2018 06 eamon ore giron hyperallergic 500 0x0x720x540 q85

Eamon Ore-Giron

Made in LA

(Group show)

Hammer Museum

Los Angeles, CA

Jun 3–Sep 2, 2018


Organized by Anne Ellegood, senior curator, and Erin Christovale, assistant curator, with MacKenzie Stevens, curatorial associate. 

May 29, 2018

Eamon ore giron 0003 500 96x90x2390x3296 q85

Coloring Book Buffet with Anthony Campuzano

Campuzano has invited artists to submit coloring book pages for an all-ages afternoon coloring event at Fleisher/Ollman. Supplies provided.

Saturday, May 19
1–3PM: Coloring Book Buffet

3–4PM: Live Musical guests Wyoming and Dan Malloy

May 19, 2018

2018 05 18 coloring 1200 500 0x0x1200x900 q85

In My Room: Artists Paint the Interior 1950–Now

Fralin Art Museum
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
May 18–Sep 30, 2018


Group show featuring Becky Suss

May 18, 2018

Becky suss 0057 500 161x111x4302x3348 q85

Must-See Art Guide: Philadelphia [Artnet]

Anthony Campuzano: Venture Inward in Artnet News

May 17, 2018

Anthony campuzano 0209 500 0x0x2949x3840 q85

Bill Traylor

Press for Talisman in the Age of Difference at Stephen Friedman Gallery


UK artist Yinka Shonibare brings African and diaspora artists to London

—The Art Newspaper

May 04, 2018

Bill traylor 0093 500 0x0x1896x3756 q85

Chris Corales, 1969–2018

*update: to contribute toward Chris's family's present and future expenses, visit www.gofundme.com/chris-corales


It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Chris Corales, an artist first introduced to Fleisher/Ollman by Chris Johanson in the 2011 summer show he curated for the gallery, entitled Introspective/Retrospective. At the opening reception of this exhibition Corales met, and fell in love with, then Philadelphia Museum of Art curator Adelina Vlas, and relocated to Philadelphia from Portland, Oregon soon after. The couple married and moved to Toronto a few years later, where Adelina took a curatorial position at the Art Gallery of Ontario. In 2015, they had a son, Nikola (Niko).


Chris was a good-humored character whose keen wit could light up a room. His signature constructions comprised of antique paper, old book covers, and binding tape imbued a minimal austerity with human warmth. While Chris lived in Philadelphia only a few short years, he made many friends in the art community here, and will be greatly missed. Our deepest sympathies go out to Adelina and Niko, and to all of Chris’ family and friends during this difficult time. A memorial for Chris will take place in Philadelphia this summer.

May 02, 2018

2018 05 corales  1 500 0x0x1984x1477 q85

This Artist’s AR Junkyard Is a Seductive Meditation on What You Throw Away

Dufala Brothers, Steven Dufala, Billy Dufala


Image courtesy of Sensorium

May 01, 2018

Dufala 2018 05 01 artsy 500 0x0x1200x799 q85

The Dufala Brothers in Open Sessions

Steven and Billy Dufala have been invited to participate in the Drawing Center's 2018–2019 Open Sessions.

Apr 30, 2018

Bill Walton at Frith Street Gallery

Bill Walton's first solo show outside of the U.S. opens with a private viewing Thursday, april 26, 2018


Bill Walton

Frith Street Gallery, London

Exhibition dates:

27 April 2018 – 23 June 2018

Apr 25, 2018

Bwal 0012 1000 500 0x0x1200x960 q85

Press for Anthony Campuzano and Jenny Cox [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

Edith Newhall in The Philadelphia Inquirer


Apr 23, 2018

Anthony campuzano 0235 500 0x0x2444x3223 q85

2018 Guggenheim fellows announced

Annabeth Rosen has received a 2018 Guggenheim fellowship.

Apr 23, 2018

2006 05 annabeth rosen 35 500 0x0x1995x3000 q85

Tristin Lowe: Maelstrom Analytica

Mount Airy Contemporary at Intuitive Art Space

4236 Main Street, Philadelphia PA 19127 

Apr 18–Jun 27, 2018

Apr 18, 2018

Tristin lowe maelstrom analytica 2018 500 0x0x2448x3264 q85

Jennifer Levonian at Flatpack Festival

The Poetry Winner
Edge of Frame
Flatpack Festival
Birmingham, England
April 20, 2018

Apr 17, 2018

Jennifer levonian 0195 500 0x0x3224x1964 q85

Chris Corales at Gregory Lind

Step Sideways

Gregory Lind Gallery

San Francisco

April 2018


Chris Corales

Apr 01, 2018

2018 04 chris corales gregory lind 500 0x0x605x600 q85

Out, Out, Phosphene Candle

Video interview with Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley at Kohler Arts Center

Mar 27, 2018

Swenbeck feasley phosphene 34 500 0x0x2142x3000 q85

Independent Goes its Own Way and Reaps Rewards

James Miller in The Art Newspaper


Independent 2018

Mar 10, 2018

Download PDF
20180309 2018 03 independent 01 500 0x 1080x2802x3108 q85

And Now, the Independent Fair! Rising Stars, Undersung Artists, and Royalty Alight in Tribeca

James castle 0650 500 0x0x2458x3161 q85

Out, Out, Phosphene Candle

Joy Feasley, Paul Swenbeck



John Michael Kohler Art Center

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Feb 25–Sep 02, 2018




Photo: Kohler Co., John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Feb 27, 2018

Swenbeck feasley phosphene 82 500 0x0x2039x3000 q85

Press for Collage as Painting [Hyperallergic]

“Conjuring the Demons and Mysteries of Society through Painting”


—Stan Mir in Hyperallergic


Kate Abercrombie, Trevor Winkfield, Collage as Painting

Jan 27, 2018

2017 11 collage 06 500 0x0x3000x2000 q85

Outliers and American Vanguard Art

National Gallery of Art

Washington, DC

Jan 28–May 13, 2018


Curated by Lynne Cooke, and including Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, James Castle, Howard Finster, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Elijah Pierce, Horace Pippin, Christina Ramber, Martín Ramírez, Edgar Tolson, Bill Trayor, P.M. Wentworth, H.C. Westermann, Joseph Yoakum, Forrest Bess, Roger Brown, William Edmondson, Lee Godie, Morris Hirshfield, among others.

Jan 27, 2018

Martin ramirez 0040 500 0x0x2601x3663 q85

Roberta Smith on the Outsider Art Fair

Download PDF

Carlo McCormick on the Outsider Art Fair in Artforum Diary

2015 01 outsider 6258 500 0x0x3021x2012 q85

Jayson Musson

Pardon My Language (group)

Zidoun Bossuyt Gallery

Jan 19–Mar 3, 2018

Jan 19, 2018

Jayson musson 0046 500 0x0x3901x2926 q85


Press for Collage as Painting [Philadelphia Inquirer]

“Like a perfectly matched duet; In ‘Collage as Painting’ at Fleisher/Ollman, two artists’ works are a study in synchronicity”


—Edith Newhall


Kate Abercrombie, Trevor WInkfield, Collage as Painting

Nov 26, 2017


Press for Mark Mahosky's The Yellow Drawings

Kaitlin Pomerantz in Title Magazine


Contemporary Art Daily


Edith Newhall in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Nov 08, 2017

Mark mahosky 0309 500 0x0x3873x3272 q85

Joy Feasley: Violets Under a Spell

Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR
Oct 20–Nov 22, 2017

Oct 20, 2017

Joy feasley violets under a spell 500 48x43x904x1107 q85

Jayson Musson: Pledges of Allegiance

Jayson Musson and Alex Da Corte are among sixteen artists commissioned by Creative Time to create flags representing issues of personal significance that will fly, individually, above Creative Time's headquarters, as well as partner sites nationwide. Pledges of Allegiance was conceived by Alix Browne and developed in collaboration with Cian Browne, Fabienne Stephan, and Opening Ceremony.

Oct 11, 2017

Jayson musson pledges 500 0x0x976x698 q85

Exceptional summer shows at local galleries… and a home for the Vox diaspora

Edith Newhall on Alchemy, Typology, Entropy in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Jul 30, 2017

Peter allen hoffmann 0010 500 0x0x2970x2970 q85

Press for Alchemy, Typology, Entropy

Samantha Mitchell in Title Magazine


Edith Newhall in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Jul 01, 2017

2017 06 alchemy 19 500  26x255x2013x2486 q85

Abercrombie, Campuzano and Dufala at the Barnes

The Barnes Foundation
Jun 30–Oct 2, 2017


In 2014 artist Mohamed Bourouissa invited Philadelphia artists, including Anthony Campuzano & Kate Abercrombie, and Billy Dufala, to create costumes for the horses in a horse tuning event he was filming at a North Philadelphia stable. The resulting film, costumes, and ephemera have been exhibited at Kamel Mennnour, Paris; and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; and are currently on view at the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia.

Jun 30, 2017

F4859e42ca3a5dacb7fa060a160c601a 500 0x0x790x1000 q85

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein: Mythologies

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Sheboygan, WI
Jun 25, 2017–Jan 14, 2018

Jun 25, 2017

Eugene von bruenchenhein mythologies 500 0x0x700x466 q85

Anthony Campuzano at Flag Art Foundation

The Times
FLAG Art Foundation
June 1 - August 11, 2017

Jun 16, 2017

68667845c81d69fd1b6fec7115cb840b 500 0x0x471x1000 q85

Patrick Maguire

A Mind in a Field of Time


Marginal Utility,
Philadelphia, PA

Jun 02, 2017

Patrick maguire 0021 500 0x0x2331x3047 q85

Painters Sculpting Sculptors Painting in Artforum

Becky Huff Hunter reviews the exhibition in Artforum.

May 01, 2017

2017 02 painters 51 500 0x0x3000x4500 q85

Press for Cryptopictos

“Galleries: Chaos and cryptic meanings”
Edith Newhall in The Philadelphia Inquirer


Isaac Tin Wei Lin, Patrick Maguire, Reed Anderson, Sarah Walker

Apr 23, 2017

Isaac tin wei lin 0539 500 0x0x2945x3927 q85

Dufala Brothers: DUDUFALALA

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Mar 31, 2017


A Dada-inspired, temporary installation in the galleries for the museum’s Final Fridays program.

Mar 31, 2017


From Mysterious Erotica to Holy Bell Jars, Singular Projects at the Independent Art Fair

in Hyperallergic

Mar 02, 2017

James castle 0684 500 0x0x2637x3426 q85

A More Perfect Union

Woodmere Art Museum
Chestnut Hill, PA
Feb 04–May 21, 2017


Including The Dufala BrothersAnne Minich, Rochelle Toner, and Bill Walton

Feb 04, 2017


12 Great Affordable Artworks at the 2017 Outsider Art Fair

in Artnet News

Jan 20, 2017

Felipe jesus consalvos 0799 500 0x0x2704x3481 q85

Outsider Art 2017: A Top 10

Roberta Smith in The New York Times

Jan 19, 2017

James castle 0686 500 0x0x3781x2095 q85

From Curiosity to Institution: The Outsider Art Fair at 25

in Hyperallergic

Jan 14, 2017

Felipe jesus consalvos 0760 500 0x0x2520x3249 q85


Sarah Gamble: Tower

Marcia Wood Gallery
Dec 10, 2016–Jan 05, 2017

Dec 10, 2016

Press for Jayson Musson and Alex Da Corte’s “Easternsports”

Roberta Smith on Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905-2016 at the Whitney Museum in The New York TImes

Dec 01, 2016


Marcy Hermansader: Darkness and Light

Nov 12 – December 23, 2016

Luise Ross Gallery, New York

Nov 12, 2016

Marcy hermansader bhopal 500 0x0x648x718 q85

Pictures at an Exhibition: New Geometries at Fleisher/Ollman, Philadelphia

in ARTnews.com

Sep 30, 2016

Clare rojas 0003 500 0x0x4669x5707 q85

Jennifer Levonian: Shake Out Your Cloth

Telfair Museums, Jepson Center
Sep 30–Nov 20, 2016

Sep 30, 2016

Jennifer levonian 0216v 500 0x0x1506x2008 q85

Press for Kate Abercrombie

“18 Young, Heavy Hitters in the City’s Arts Scenes” in Billy Penn


Kate Abercrombie

Sep 25, 2016

Kate abercrombie 0051 500 0x0x2328x3360 q85

Sneak Peek: Fleisher/Ollman’s Bold, Cool New Geometries

"In this moment of overwhelming election season stupidity, when so much of the media we encounter every day is message-manipulated nonsense, let us refresh the senses with some blessed higher-thinking abstraction. Color stimulates the mind. An orange circle, a deep green stripe. New Geometries, opening tonight (reception 6-8 pm) at the Fleisher/Ollman, provides an aesthetic sanctuary that hits the reset button in just the right way. The exhibit even has a little accompanying publication to take home with you."


Joey Sweeney in Philebrity.com

Sep 15, 2016

Martha clippinger 0001 500 0x0x2850x4159 q85


Curated by Matthew Higgs



Amagansett, NY
Sep 3–25, 2016


Joseph Yoakum

Sep 03, 2016


A Being in The World

Billy and Steven Dufala, William Edmondson, and Bill Traylor are included in "A Being in The World" at Salon 94 Bowery, curated by Jayson Musson and Fabienne Stephan.

A Being in The World
June 29, 2016–July 29, 2016
Salon 94 Bowery

Jul 15, 2016

812aa997b6f34db786cef9963ba6f250 500 0x0x1000x667 q85

The Secret Staircase

Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR
Jul 15–Aug 13, 2016


Including: Charles BurchfieldJoy FeasleyJohanna JacksonChris JohansonPaul SwenbeckAgatha Wojciechowsky 

Jul 15, 2016

Ea2226488a5bacda0d2079ff07df2163 500 0x 45x909x737 q85

Marcy Hermansader: it is all a mystery

Bennington Museum
Bennington, VT
May 07–Jul 31, 2016

May 07, 2016


Press for Independent

Martha Schwendener in The New York times. 

Mar 04, 2016

2016 03 independent 31 500 0x0x4740x3160 q85

Artforum Critics’ Picks

Patrick Maguire at University City Arts League

Jan 01, 2016

News 262 patrick maguire 500 0x0x500x500 q85


Becky Suss

Press for Becky Suss at Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia Inquirer
Artfoum.com: Critics' Picks
Modern Painters: Artists to Watch

Dec 09, 2015

01968cdc1beb13b29be3fa3801377bd3 500 0x0x714x1000 q85

In Memoriam

All of us here at Fleisher/Ollman mourn the loss of our neighbor and friend Marion ('Kippy') Boulton Stroud. Her sudden death is an immeasurable loss to Philadelphia and the art world at large. Renowned for her support of artists' projects in both fiber-based and new media, as well as for bringing international artists into our midst, Kippy was a boon to Philadelphia. She made the Fabric Workshop and Museum a place where truly inventive works of art could be realized and seen on the world stage.

Many of the artists Fleisher/Ollman represents created amazing works at FW&M with Kippy's unwavering support, including Howard Finster, Bill Walton, Tristin Lowe and Paul Swenbeck. We will always be indebted to her for this.

More than anything though, we'll miss her as a friend, cheerleader and artistic visionary. She challenged all of us to look beyond the known. No challenge was too big or too difficult that it couldn't be met. It is this quality of Kippy we will miss the most.

Personally, I am thankful for her support of the gallery and what we do. I hope she understood how much that support meant to me.

John Ollman

Aug 25, 2015

E23fee755f84b274dd9e39dea4e1b10a 500 0x0x1000x750 q85

Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Felipe Jesus Consalvos makes an appearance on Harper's Magazine's Monday Gallery.

Aug 11, 2015

6f789bf71d0273956c081f6b344ac9a4 500 0x0x1000x790 q85

Anthony Campuzano at the PMA

Campuzano's piece 'Forecast,' is on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the first time since it was acquired by the Young Friends for the museum in 2013. All are welcome to a discussion and presentation of the work with Campuzano and Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Amanda Sroka.

Artist Talk with Anthony Campuzano
Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Starts at 7:15 p.m.
Location: Gallery 179
Free after admission to the museum

Aug 04, 2015

65a2d46beecd13851c5a660061d00841 500 0x0x286x1000 q85

Kate Abercrombie

Open Field
Group show featuring Kate Abercrombie, Anthony Bowers, Shelby Donnelly, Chris Landau, Andrea Marquis, Lauren Sauder, Rebecca Saylor-Sack, Mary Smull, and Kate Stewart

Opening: Friday August 7, 6–10pm
August 7–30, 2015: Saturdays and Sundays, 2–6pm
Tiger Strikes Asteroid
319 N. 11th St, 2H
Philadelphia, PA

Jul 29, 2015

37a4abff22fb23121323b67f87f11314 500 0x0x698x1000 q85

Sarah Gamble and Paul Swenbeck

Gamble and Swenbeck are both included in Cam Raleigh's group exhibition, 'The Nothing That Is: Chapter 1 DDDRRRAAAWWWIIINNNGGG,' curated by Bill Thelen and Jason Polan.

CAM Raleigh, Raleigh, NC
June 5–September 7, 2015

Jul 29, 2015

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Paul Swenbeck: (Un)Earthed

Paul Swenbeck's (Un)Earthed is on view for ticketed passengers in Terminal A-West at the Philadelphia International Airport, through January 2016.

Jul 29, 2015

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Paul Swenbeck at Salon 94

Swenbeck is included in:


Tiger Tiger
Salon 94 Bowery
Jul 07–Aug 21, 2015


Michael Assiff, Jules de Balincourt, Brian Belott, Katherine Bernhardt, Karin Gulbran, Shara Hughes, Marc Hundley, Misaki Kawai, Makiko Kudo, Nikki Maloof, Ryan Mrozowsky, Nicolas Party, David Benjamin Sherry, Yutaka Sone, Paul Swenbeck

Jul 29, 2015

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Sarah Gamble

Summer Group Exhibition
June 18- August 1, 2015
Edward Thorp Gallery
New York, NY

Jul 16, 2015

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Isaac Tin Wei Lin: Chromatic Intercession

July 16–August 15, 2015
Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR

Jul 16, 2015

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Dufala Brothers

The Dufala brothers were invited to jury the 74th annual Woodmere Annual, which also features selections of their work.

Woodmere Annual
June 27–September 7, 2015
Gallery Talk with the artists
July 11, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
$15 ($10 members)

Closing Reception
September 7, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Free and open to the public

Jul 01, 2015

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Anthony Campuzano

Anthony Campuzano is included in RE(a)D at Nathalie Karg Gallery, curated by Ryan Steadman.

May 10–June 21, 2015
Nathalie Karg Gallery
291 Grand Street
New York, NY 10002

May 12, 2015

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Tristin Lowe: Shooting Star

The dedication of Tristin Lowe's new public artwork, Shooting Star, will take place at the SWAT/Bomb Disposal/K-9 Headquarters in Northeast Philadelphia. The 32-foot long sculpture was a commission of Philadelphia's Office of Arts and Culture as part of the Percent for Art program.


Monday March 23, 2015 at 3PM
8501 State Road

Philadelphia, PA 19136

Mar 22, 2015

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Sarah Gamble

Sarah Gamble’s Painted Portraits Of Alien Weirdos on beautifuldecay.com

Feb 02, 2015

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Press for Outsider Art Fair, New York

Preview: The Outsider Art Fair in New York –Dan Duray on ARTnews.com


Exploring an Expanded Field at the Outsider Art Fair in Hyperallergic (January 30, 2015)


On the Margins, but Moving Toward the Center. –Martha Schwendener in The New York Times (January 30, 2015)

Feb 02, 2015

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duplicate. until response.

Hooloon Gallery
53 N. 2nd St, Philadelphia
Feb 7–Mar 15, 2015


Organized by Laris Kreslins, and including: Kate Abercrombie, Anthony Campuzano and the Dufala Brothers

Jan 31, 2015

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Dufala Brothers: Open Source

Philadelphia's Mural Arts Program has enlisted the Dufala Brothers to participate in their Open Source, curated by Pedro Alonzo.

Jan 30, 2015

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Sarah Gamble: Your Life is Happening Now

Moore College of Art and Design
Jan 23–Mar 14, 2015

Jan 23, 2015

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Critics' Picks: Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley [Artforum]

Feasley and Swenbeck's collaborative installation A Hatchet to Kill Old Ugly at the Fabric Workshop and Museum's New Temporary Contemporary, is an Artforum Critics' Pick.

Nov 19, 2014

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Isaac Tin Wei Lin: Open Light

RVCA Gallery
1485 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Oct 24, 2014–Jan 6, 2015

Oct 15, 2014

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Sarah Gamble on East and West Coast

Sarah Gamble is currently in the collective Listening In, Philly Artists Speak, at the Abington Art Center. Curated by members of the Philadelphia collective, Grizzly Grizzly.

Abington Art Center
515 Meetinghouse Road
Jenkintown, PA 19046
October 10-December 7, 2014

Gamble will be featured in a two-person exhibition at Adams and Ollman with Katherine Bradford.

Adams and Ollman
811 East Burnside #213
Portland, OR 97214
November 7-December 20, 2014

Oct 15, 2014

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Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley: A Hatchet to Kill Old Ugly

This collaborative installation of paintings, ceramics, furniture, sculpture and interior decor by Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley is inspired by Shaker spirit drawings and magic. The exhibition derives its title from a Shaker name for the Devil—“Old Ugly”—seen in spirit drawings, which the Shakers created to describe symbols seen in visions.


Fabric Workshop and Museum
The New Temporary Contemporary
1222 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2816
October 2, 2014–January 4, 2015

Oct 15, 2014

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The Dufala Brothers

The Dufala Brothers recently spoke at TedxPhoenixville, the Colonial Theatre on September 27.

Geoff Sobelle's Object Lesson, for which Steven Dufala designed the sets, won three prizes at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, inlcuding the Scotsman Fringe First Award, the Total Theatre Award, and the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh award.

The Right Amount of Wrong, a solo exhibition of the Dufala brothers' work, is currently on view, by appointment, at the West Collection Warehouse in Oaks, PA.

There will be fundraising/consciousness raising event for Billy Dufala's RAIR (Recycled Artist in Residency) organization, a non-profit whose mission is to create awareness about sustainability issues through art and design.

November 6, 6-9PM
Crane Arts Building
1400 N American Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Oct 15, 2014

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Easternsports at ICA

Longtime friends and first-time collaborators Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson have created a major new commission for the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania. Eastern Sports, a vignette-driven update of Thornton Wilder’s Our Town is presented as an in-the-round video installation. Organized by Assistant Curator Kate Kraczon.

Institute of Contemporary Art
118 S. 36th St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Sep 19 – Dec 28, 2014

Oct 15, 2014

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Becky Suss in "Good Neighbors"

Becky Suss is included in Good Neighbors, an exhibition exploring notions of home and community.

The Berman Museum
601 East Main Street
Collegeville, PA 19426
October 14, 2014-January 11, 2015

Oct 15, 2014

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Strange Bedfellows

Jennifer Levonian's animation, Rebellious Bird, is featured in the group exhibition Strange Bedfellows, curated by Blair Murphy. Presented by Washington Project for the Arts


VisArts at Rockville
155 Gibbs Street, Rockville, MD 20850
October 17-November 23, 2014

Oct 15, 2014

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Tristin Lowe's "Dumbo" on view in New York

Tristin Lowe's 2001 piece, Dumbo, was in residence at Milk Studios during Made Fashion week to promote the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation's new initiative to raise awareness about the killing of African Elephants for ivory.

Sep 10, 2014

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Elephant in the Room, The New York Times

Tristin Lowe’s “Dumbo” in New York

Sep 05, 2014


Begin Where You Are

Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts

1400 N. American St., Philadelphia

Aug 14–Sep 13, 2014


Curated by Timothy Belknap, Ryan McCartney and Anna Neighbor, Begin Where You Are features 32 Philadelphia-based artists, including Anthony Campuzano, Sarah Gamble, Becky Suss and Paul Swenbeck.

Aug 15, 2014

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Best of Philly 2014

Philadelphia Magazine picks Fleisher/Ollman as Philly's best art gallery in its annual Best of Philly Issue.

Jul 30, 2014

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Horse Tuning Expo

Kate Abercrombie and Anthony Campuzano, and RAIR Philly (with Billy Dufala) will costume two of the horses for this weekend's Horse Tuning Expo, created by artist Mohamed Bourouissa.

Sunday, July 13, 2014
2626 Fletcher St. Philadelphia, PA 19132
Free and open to the public

Jul 11, 2014

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Becky Suss in Woodmere Annual Juried Exhibition

73rd Annual Juried Exhibition

Woodmere Art Museum
Jun 14–Sep 1, 2014
9201 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Open House:
Saturday, June 28, 12-4pm
Free and open to the public


Gallery talk with juror Sarah McEneany:
Saturday, July 12, 3–4pm

Jun 24, 2014

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Billy Dufala with RAIR in "ICA@50"

Billy Dufala's Recycled Artist in Residency (RAIR) project collaborates with Simon Kim, Mary Ellen Carroll and Brian Zanisnik on three microexhibitions for ICA@50, the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania's 50th anniversary exhibition program, running February–August, 2014.

May 09, 2014

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Isaac Tin Wei Lin Mural at Facebook

Isaac Tin Wei Lin recently completed a multi-story mural commission at Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, CA.

Apr 09, 2014

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The Philadelphia/Chicago Connection / The Spirit of the Comics (1969)

Wednesday, March 12

Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

Kate Kraczon (Assistant Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art) leads a conversation with Robert Cozzolino, John Ollman and Joseph Rishel, about the Chicago Imagists' influence on Philadelphia's art scene.

Mar 08, 2014

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Bill Walton at The Philadelphia Museum of Art

A group of Bill Walton works are currently on view in the Korman Galleries at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, in "Rohrer—Walton—Andrade: On Paper."

Jan 31, 2014

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Artforum Critics’ Picks: Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

Anne Prentnieks on Time Produced Non Better
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

Nov 22, 2013

2013 10 eugene von bruenchenhein 66 500 0x0x3000x1998 q85

Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition

Jennifer Levonian received the second place prize in the National Portrait Gallery’s annual Outwin Boochever Portrait competition

Nov 01, 2013


Carnegie International

Carnegie Museum of Art
Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 5, 2013–Mar 16, 2014


Joseph Yoakum

Oct 05, 2013


Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Featured on Dazed Digital's NO WAY! blog


The importance of a 1920s cigar roller from Havana in the evolution of collage art

Aug 15, 2013

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Anthony Campuzano: Critics' Picks

Ryan Steadman on Anthony Campuzano at Churner and Churner.

Apr 26, 2013


Studio Visit with Kate Abercrombie

Interview with Kate Abercrombie in Title Magazine

Apr 25, 2013


Press for Peter Attie Besharo

"Saltz: 20 Things I Really Liked at the Art Fairs" in New York Magazine

Mar 16, 2013


Don Baum Sez “Chicago Needs More Famous Artists”


Museum of Contemporary Art
Chicago, IL
Mar 8–Apr 18, 1969


Joseph Yoakum

Mar 08, 2013


A Trip from Here to There


Museum of Modern Art
New York, NY
Mar 5–Jul 30, 2013


Joseph Yoakum

Mar 05, 2013


Great and Mighty Things: Outsider Art from the Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz Collection

Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia, PA
Mar 3–Jun 9, 2013


Group show featuring James Castle, Bill Traylor, Eddie Arning, William Hawkins, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Joseph Yoakum, et. al.

Mar 03, 2013



Closing reception for A Complete Die

Join us Friday August 24th from 6-8pm for the closing of A Complete Die. Quentin Stoltzfus will debut his new band, Light Heat, and album at 7pm.

Aug 16, 2012

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Press for “A Complete Die”

"Galleries: Artist-curator builds a show around a collection of dice." 

—Edith Newhall in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Aug 05, 2012


Recent press for Jayson Musson's solo show at Salon 94

The New Yorker
Artforum Critic's Picks
The Wall Street Journal
The New York Observer

Jayson Musson: Halcyon Days
July 11 - August 17
Salon 94 Bowery
243 Bowery New York, NY 10002

Jul 31, 2012

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Isaac Tin Wei Lin solo show at Park Life, San Francisco

Isaac Tin Wei Lin: Last Words
July 20 through August 19, 2012
Park Life
220 Clement Street
San Francisco

Jul 24, 2012

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Anthony Campuzano in group show at Jack Shainman Gallery, New York


Anthony Campuzano, Bessma Khalaf, Esperanza Mayobre, Chris Mottalini, Odili Donald Odita, Mariah Robertson, Tyler Rowland, and Malick Sidibe

August 2-September 1, 2012
Jack Shainman Gallery
513 West 20th Street
New York

Jul 24, 2012

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Critic’s Picks: Jayson Musson

Michael Connor on Halcyon Days in ArtForum online


Jayson Musson

Jul 04, 2012

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Fleisher/Ollman announces new director

Fleisher/Ollman is excited to announce that Alex Baker has been named the new director of the gallery. Baker most recently served as the senior curator, Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, where he curated Ranjani Shettar: Dewdrops and Sunshine (2011), Harrell Fletcher: The Sound We Make Together (Melbourne) (2010), and Ricky Swallow: The Bricoleur (2009), among other exhibitions. Amy Adams, the outgoing director, said of his hiring "John Ollman and I couldn't be happier that Alex is joining the gallery, as his curatorial interests are closely aligned with Fleisher/Ollman's. He has a deep connection to Philadelphia and we are confident that his knowledge, skills and passion will propel the gallery and our program to new and interesting places."

Prior to his appointment with the National Gallery of Victoria, Baker was the curator of contemporary art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and associate curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, where he organized exhibitions with artists including Robert Ryman, Ellen Harvey, Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, and Laylah Ali, among others. Indelible Market: Barry McGee, Stephen Powers, and Todd James, originally developed by Baker at the Institute of Contemporary Art in 2000, toured to the Venice Biennale in 2001. With Toby Kamps, he co-curated Space Is the Place, an exhibition about space travel and contemporary art, which toured through Independent Curators International (2007-2008).

Jun 26, 2012

Press for “You, Me, We, She”

"Closing Time: You, Me, We, She at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery."


–Katherine Rochester in The Philadelphia Weekly

Mar 28, 2012

Download PDF

Jennifer Levonian in BOMB Magazine

Nell McClister highlights Jennifer Levonian as the Editor's Choice in Bomb Magazine's Spring 2012 issue.


Mar 16, 2012

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Press for Joan Nelson and Paul Swenbeck

Jennie Hirsh reviews Joan Nelson and Paul Swenbeck in Art in America.


Mar 16, 2012

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Recent press for Bill Walton

The New York Times' Roberta Smith reviews the current Bill Walton shows at James Fuentes and JTT Galleries in the New York.


Will Heinrich in the New York Observer reviews the Bill Walton shows in New York.


Mar 16, 2012

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The Dufala Brothers at DCCA

For their installation at the DCCA, the Dufala brothers continue their ongoing investigations of domesticity and its ephemera.

Curated by Maiza Hixson
February 10 - May 13, 2012
Constance S. and Robert J. Hennessy Project Space

Feb 03, 2012

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John Ollman in conversation with Richard Polsky

In conjunction with the release of The Art Prophets: The Artists, Dealers, and Tastemakers Who Shook the World

At Fleisher/Ollman on Thursday, November 10 at 7pm

Oct 19, 2011

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Jennifer Levonian speaking at the Institute of Contemporary Art

Jennifer Levonian will screen her latest film, The Oven Sky, with a live performance by New York-based artist and singer Rachel Mason on Thursday, October 20 at 6:30pm at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia.

The Animate Art! series foregrounds the recent interest that artists have shown in a variety of animation practices within the museum context. Through conversation with artists from a variety of geographic locations we will consider a variety of questions, including: the relationship between animation and other media; contemporary artists' engagement with the histories of art and film; the role of music; the differences among various forms of animation; and animation's treatment of history, time, and place.

Oct 19, 2011

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Tristin Lowe at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Provocative, mysterious, and altogether otherworldly, Under the Influence features two interconnected works by Philadelphia artist Tristin Lowe--Lunacy, a giant rendering of the moon created in felt, and Visither I, a neon light sculpture.

Under the Influence will be on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from October 22 through January 29, 2012.

Oct 19, 2011

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Jennifer Levonian and Dan Murphy in Here.

here. is an exhibition that considers how “place” is not simply the geographic locality where an artist lives and works but also the juice of lived experience—the subject matter, material, concepts and freedoms that this space provides. Recognizing how place influences and infiltrates each artist’s work in diverse and complicated ways, here. explores how a sense of place exists in the work of artists from six particular regions—Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Detroit and Kansas City.

The exhibition, on view at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, runs from October 22 through December 31.

Oct 19, 2011

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Isaac Tin Wei Lin in Inspiration Information

Inspirational Information is a group exhibition that features work by Isaac Lin, Jason Musson, Sam Belkowitz, Matt Pruden, Kim Walker, Jonas Sebura, Corkey Sinks, Jesse Butcher, David Harper, Barbara Jenkins, Joel Parsons, Jamie Diamond, Lee Arnold, and Alex Gartelmann. The exhibition is an open examination of the subconscious drives that inspire art making practices.

Inspiration Information opens on October 21 at the Maas Building at 1325 Randolph Street, Philadelphia.

Oct 19, 2011

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Isaac Tin Wei Lin mural

Gallery artist Isaac Tin Wei Lin has created a very special mural at the Mitzie Mackenzie Playground at 927 Spring Street in Chinatown in Philadelphia. Please join us at the dedication today, Sunday, September 18 at 2pm.

Sep 18, 2011

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Bill Walton's Studio at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

September 7 – December 4, 2011

Reception: Wednesday, September 7, 6-8PM

Exhibition walkthrough with curator Ingrid Schaffner: Wednesday, September 7, 5PM, ICA Members Only

The Institute of Contemporary Art presents Bill Walton\\\'s Studio in the Project Space. This exhibition recreates the unique environment of the minimalist artist, a key figure in the Philadelphia art community for nearly 50 years.

Walton, a commercial printmaker by trade and later an instructor at Moore College of Art and Design (1974-1990), was often more interested in the materials used for printmaking—wood, lead, steel—than in the finished product. His studio contained an exhibition area so he could display his work in progress in order to judge whether or not it was finished, a crucial part of his studio practice. At the time of his death in 2010, Walton\\\'s studio was a small miracle of order. Tools and materials were arranged as carefully as works of art. Indeed it was not always simple to tell the tools from the work, to judge whether an artful arrangement of screws and bolts was waiting to be used or to be admired.

Aug 30, 2011

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Here and Now: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs by Ten Philadelphia Artists at the PMA

Featuring the Dufala Brothers and Isaac Tin Wei Lin

September 10, 2011 - December 4, 2011

The works featured in this exhibition are a lively, arresting, and timely celebration of ten Philadelphia artists, ranging in age from 25 to 50, who are currently making art on paper.

Each of these artists is represented by a small group of works demonstrating the strength and diversity of talent that exists in the city today. With ingenious, elaborate details and the inventive layering of materials, a number of artistic techniques and processes can clearly be seen. Still, there is an underlying seriousness of purpose and a desire to confront the dilemmas of today’s world that is prevalent throughout.

Subjects, therefore, may vary from the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib to the proliferation of trash in the environment, from concern for architectural heritage to the gritty everyday life of the city’s streets. Some disquieting issues are faced directly, while others are addressed with edgy humor or are ironically masked by great beauty.

The ten artists on view are Astrid Bowlby, Steven and Billy Dufala (who operate in collaboration), Vincent Feldman, Daniel Heyman, Isaac Tin Wei Lin, Virgil Marti, Joshua Mosley, Serena Perrone, Hannah Price, and Mia Rosenthal. Some of them are also known for their work in other mediums, such as installation, video, sculpture, and painting. Collectively, they represent an important facet of the remarkable work being produced in Philadelphia today.


Innis Howe Shoemaker, The Audrey and William H. Helfand Senior Curator of Prints, Drawings, and Photographs


Berman and Stieglitz Galleries, ground floor

Aug 30, 2011

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Jennifer Levonian screening at Optic Nerve Film Festival

Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL

Films will also be on view September 10 - October 8 at the de la Cruz Collection, 23 NE 41st Street, Miami, FL 33161, tel: 305 576 6112, www.delacruzcollection.org

OPTIC NERVE XIII FINALISTS: John Bonafede, Brian Bress, Jennifer Campbell, L. Ashwyn Collins, Christina Corfield, Kasia Houlihan, Eunjung Hwang, Karlo Andrei Ibarra, Richard Jochum, Jennifer Levonian, Jillian Mayer, Tara Nelson, Zachary Ordonez, Perfect Lives, Carlos Charlie Perez, Sarada Rauch, Ruben Millares & Antonia Wright.

In recognition of it\'s 15th anniversary, the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami broadened the scope of its annual Optic Nerve Film Festival. This year, for the first time, submissions were accepted from artists around the country, in addition to those from South Florida. This wider application pool allows MOCA to create new connections and contexts for the participating artists.

\"MOCA\'s Optic Nerve program is designed to provide emerging artists with an important venue in which to show their works and we want this year\'s program to represent the most innovative and important film and video being created in the United States today. Encouraging new work and making it accessible to our audiences is an important part of our mission,\" said MOCA Executive Director and Chief Curator Bonnie Clearwater.

Aug 30, 2011

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Maccarone Gallery Exhibition

Gallery artists Bill Walton, Felipe Jesus Consalvos and the Philadelphia Wireman are included in:

630 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10014
July 9 - August 13, 2011

Artists Include:

Carol Bove
John Chamberlain
Felipe Jesus Consalvos
Ann Craven
Joseph Cornell
Lee Godie
Eli Hansen
Charles Harlan
Sheila Hicks
Paul Lee
Philadelphia Wireman
Oscar Tuazon
Bill Walton

Jun 22, 2011

Bove 500 0x0x668x1000 q85

Bruce Pollock exhibitions

Bruce Pollock is included in two recent exhibitions:

Senior Artist Initiative, 5th Biennial
Pearlstein Gallery
Drexel University
3215 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
June 20 - July 28, 2011

Grey Matter
The Painting Center
547 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001
June 21 - August 6, 2011

Jun 22, 2011

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Annabeth Rosen at Denver Art Museum

Gallery artist Annabeth Rosen's work is included in Overthrown: Clay Without Limits, at the Denver Art Museum through September 18, 2011.

Overthrown: Clay Without Limits
Denver Art Museum
June - September 18, 2011

Jun 22, 2011

Aro denver 500 0x0x1000x677 q85

Tristin Lowe at the Fabric Workshop and Museum

Gallery artist Tristin Lowe is included in:

Close at Hand: Philadelphia Artists from the Permanent Collection
Fabric Workshop and Museum
June 3 - late summer 2011

Tristin Lowe will be exhibiting Alice, 1998, the 19.5-foot bright-blue girl, made of inflatable, vinyl-coated fabric, who will be wearing a new "Alice in Wonderland" inspired dress embroidered with images of psychotropic mushrooms.

Fabric Workshop and Museum
1214 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Jun 22, 2011

Tlo alice 500 0x0x809x1000 q85

Jennifer Levonian at the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore

Gallery artist Jennifer Levonian is included in LOL: A Decade of Antic Art, at the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore through September 4, 2011

June 10-September 4, 2011

"LOL: A Decade of Antic Art" is a survey of recent artworks which either riff off or intervene on the real. "LOL" includes works by Kendall Bruns, Kahty Chen Milstead, Chto Delat?, Patrizia Giambi, Gimhongsok, Larry Hammerness, Jonathan Horowitz, Katie Kehoe, Nina Katchadourian, Larry Krone, Jennifer Levonian, Ryan Mulligan, My Barbarian, Dan Perjovschi/Nedko Solakov, William Powhida, Rob Pruitt, David Schafer, Alysse Stepanian/Philip Mantione, Joey Versoza and the Yes Men!

Contemporary Museum

100 West Centre Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

Jun 22, 2011

Jlev buffalo 500 0x0x1000x563 q85

Dufala Brothers at PAFA

Gallery artists Steven and Billy Dufala\'s work will be included in:
Urbanism: Reimagining the Lived Environment
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Fisher Brooks Gallery, Samuel M.V. Hamilton
July 2 – September 4, 2011

Philadelphia has long been a cultural center and, indeed, when PAFA was founded, Philadelphia was the most vibrant city in the Republic. A cradle for American art for over two centuries, it is now a city where hundreds of artists live and where hundreds more are being trained in its art schools and universities. Philadelphia is also a center that, over the past decade, has attracted artists away from other major cities, providing not only a richly supportive artistic community but also affordable working spaces and good transport and communications. The city provides a dynamic and vital environment that can be perceived in much of the work that is currently emerging from artists’ studios. In this context, Urbanism provides an opportunity to look at four emerging artists from Philadelphia who, in various ways, re-focus the idea of the urban through a lens that explores the dreams, experience, and potential of the lived environment.

Employing a variety of media, Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala, known as the Dufala Brothers, create three-dimensional works that touch upon the absurd, while giving new meaning to discarded and homeless objects. Refashioning the everyday in ways that are unexpected and humorous, a dumpster can become a coffin and a toilet bowl can be transformed into the seat of a tricycle. In this repurposing of common objects, the Dufala Brothers question not only the nature and logic of consumer culture, but they also challenge us to think again about what art is and what it can be. Born in Philadelphia, Steven Dufala and Billy Blaise Dufala both studied at PAFA. They are both on the teaching staff of PAFA.

Jun 22, 2011

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Anthony Campuzano at ICA Maine College of Art

Gallery artist Anthony Campuzano is included in:

Drawn to Disaster
Institute of Contemporary Art, Maine College of Art
522 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101
June 22 – Sunday, August 7, 2011

In this age of the 24-hour news cycle the media bombards us with sensationalist imperatives, looking towards the next storyline, ignoring the vulnerability of those left behind when journalists leave. In this exhibition artists examine the ephemerality of news reports and conjure the complexities of disorder, anger, and optimism that can follow disaster.

Featuring work by: Anthony Campuzano, Dave McKenzie, Christian Holstad, Carlos Motta, Sun Xun, Dominic McGill, Stacy Howe, Deb Sokolow, Yael Bartana, Daniel Guzmán, and Lisi Raskin.

Jun 22, 2011

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Tristin Lowe at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Gallery artist Tristin Lowe will be exhibiting Mocha Dick at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA.

Tristin Lowe: Mocha Dick
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
21st Century Gallery
200 N. Boulevard
Richmond, VA 23220
July 23 - November 27, 2011

Tristin Lowe’s colossal sculpture Mocha Dick is a fifty-two-feet-long recreation of the real-life albino sperm whale that terrorized early 19th-century whaling vessels near Mocha Island in the South Pacific. Mocha Dick, described in appearance as “white as wool,” engaged in battle with numerous whaling expeditions and inspired Herman Melville’s epic Moby-Dick (1851). Lowe worked with the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia to make the sculpture: a large-scale vinyl inflatable understructure sheathed in white industrial felt.

Tristin Lowe: Mocha Dick is organized by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and curated by John B. Ravenal, Sydney and Frances Lewis Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art. The sculpture is on loan courtesy of the West Collection, Philadelphia and was created in collaboration with the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.

Jun 22, 2011

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Joan Nelson at Michael Kohn Gallery

Joan Nelson
New Paintings
Michael Kohn Gallery
8071 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
July 15 - August 27, 2011

The Michael Kohn Gallery is pleased to present new paintings by New York-based artist, Joan Nelson. In 1989, Nelson was selected to be in the prestigious Whitney Biennial. Known for working within a Postmodern sensibility, Nelson combined minimalist form and art historical content culled from artists ranging from Titian to Turner.

Her choice to paint on a simple form—a square, wooden box—is a nod to such Modern Masters as Donald Judd. Transcending into the realm of sculptural objecthood, Nelson\'s paintings have a distinctly contemporary feel while cultivating their place within a long history of landscape painting.

Her newest work continues to combine Minimalist form and Post-historical subject matter while capturing a complexity that brings new life to her unique practice. Inspired by the beautifully lush and remote area in which she lives, Nelson keeps a visual database in her mind that she draws from for her paintings. This process of internalizing her surroundings allows her to represent more the presence of a tree or vine, for example, as opposed to its mere representation.

Playing with the idea of what nature is, and subsequently her role as an artist within it, Nelson brilliantly and subtly manipulates paint and allows it to realize its own nature and materiality.

Jun 22, 2011

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Anthony Campuzano at Churner & Churner

Gallery artist Anthony Campuzano is opening a solo exhibition at Churner and Churner on Thursday, May 5. “Waters’ March” features new drawings in which Campuzano combines found texts with his own writings about personal experiences.

Churner & Churner
205 10th Ave (between 22nd and 23rd Street)
New York

May 04, 2011

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Jonathan Berger on The Usefulness of Useless Things

Join us at Fleisher/Ollman on Saturday, April 30 at 3pm for a walk-through of The Usefulness of Useless Things with curator Jonathan Berger

At 4pm there will be a screening of documentation from Guy de Cointet's Tell Me, performed at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1980.

Berger will discuss the themes within the exhibition and the varied histories and practices of the participating artists. Along the way, learn about the curator's unorthodox approach to exhibition-making, based in his own practice of conceptual collage and assemblage. Berger's projects often include materials that are collected, sought out, and re-contextualized, combining new and old, traditional and non-traditional, popular and obscure and static display and events. His most recent curatorial projects include Stuart Sherman: Nothing Up My Sleeve, presented in November 2009 at Participant Gallery, New York, as a major contribution to the 2009 PERFORMA Biennial. He is presently organizing Peter Schumann: Black and White, the first major retrospective exhibition of Bread and Puppet Theater's founding director, scheduled to open at the Queens Museum in 2012. Future curatorial projects include Exuma, the Obeah Man, scheduled for 2013, and Andy Kaufman: On Creating Reality a retrospective exhibition tentatively scheduled for 2014.

Apr 13, 2011

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Hennessy Youngman at Fleisher/Ollman

Please join us on Wednesday, April 20 at 7pm

for Problematic Automatic: A Night of ART THOUGHTZ.

Screenings of a curated selection of ART THOUGHTZ, Hennessy Youngman's YouTube musings on the art world and its codes, rituals, quirks and personalities, will be followed by a Q&A with the internet phenom and self-appointed "Row home racounteur."

Apr 13, 2011

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Tristin Lowe at John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Tristin Lowe's sculpture Mocha Dick, a 52 foot long whale made of felt, will be on view at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin through May 15.

John Michael Kohler Arts Center
608 New York Avenue
Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Mar 19, 2011

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Tristin Lowe at the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Tristin Lowe's installation Under the Influence: Lunacy and Visither 1, commissioned by the Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, will be on view at the annual Invitational Exhibition of Visual Arts at the American Academy of Arts and Letters through April 10.

American Academy of Arts & Letters

633 West 155th Street

New York, NY

Mar 18, 2011

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Jennifer Levonian at Arts Exchange

The Bank and Trust is composed of the work of more than 20 artists whose work responds to the present state of the U.S. economy, as well as issues of trust, security, and value in today's society. Jennifer Levonian will screen The Figure in the Carpet (2006), the artist's first animation which centers around a woman and her band of chorus girls who pull off a bank heist by mesmerizing the bank staff with a Busby Berkley-style dance number. The exhibition is on view through June 4.

Arts Exchange Gallery
31 Mamaroneck Ave
White Plains, NY

Mar 18, 2011

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Ars Nova Workshop at Fleisher/Ollman

Ars Nova Workshop is excited to present this special duo performance with guitarist and banjoist Eugene Chadbourne and percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani. These two sonic adventurers have been working together since 2007, merging their diverse musical languages to create a unique world of cosmopolitan sound.

Guitarist and banjoist Eugene Chadbourne has been fusing experimental rock, bluegrass, free jazz, blues and noise since he began making music in the mid-1970s. Equally inspired by the sounds of Appalachia, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane, and Captain Beefheart, he has formulated a musical language and category of his own. Over the years he has worked with John Zorn, Henry Kaiser, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink, Sun City Girls, Aki Takase, and many other leading experimental musicians. Originally from Osaka, Japan but currently living in Eaton, PA, Tatsuya Nakatani has articulated his own percussive style that combines free jazz, rock, noise and traditional Japanese folk music. In order to capture this vast aural landscape, his drum kit is supplemented with gongs, cymbals, singing bowls, bells, and metal objects. He has released over 50 recordings, and his recent releases include his Map project with guitarist Mary Halvorson and bassist Reuben Radding which released an album in 2010 called Fever Dream on Taiga, a solo album titled Abiogenesis on his HH Productions imprint, and a duo release titled Essences with trumpeter Forbes Graham on Blaq Lghtn.

At Fleisher/Ollman

Mar 18, 2011

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The exhibition Anatomy Academy is arranged around pivotal period case studies in which artists, scientists, and doctors focused on important issues in human anatomy from 1805 (the founding of PAFA) through the end of World War I (1918). The exhibition will include drawings, photographs, paintings, sculpture, ephemera, and material culture that deal with changing conceptions of the body over time in Philadelphia scientific and artistic culture. Artists featured in the exhibition will include Charles Willson Peale, William Rush, Thomas Eakins, Christian Schussele, Thomas Anshutz, Charles Grafly, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Henri, Ivan Albright, John Sloan, and a newly commissioned work by the collective TODT.

Anatomy Academy will be on view at the Fisher Brooks Gallery at the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building from January 29 through April 17, 2011

Jan 17, 2011

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Paul Swenbeck at Columbia College

Paul Swenbeck's work is included in MIDWINTER: Embrace The Darkness at Columbia College Chicago. MIDWINTER is the day on the calendar when there is the least amount of daylight and the longest period of night. It is on this day when the balance between light and dark swings decidedly in favor of the dark. Inspired by this time of year, the group exhibition MIDWINTER: Embrace The Darkness is curated by Justin Witte and will highlight the work of artists who pull from the notion of darkness, not only in its absence of light, but in its references to that which is invisible, unknowable or ignored. Participating artists include: Dana Carter, Joy Feasley, Roxane Hopper, Irena Knezevic, Michael Robinson and Craig Yu.

The exhibition at the Glass Curtain Gallery opens on January 24 and runs through March 2, 2011.

Jan 17, 2011

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Mei-ling Hom at Cavin Morris

A selection of ceramic works by Mei-ling Hom are on view at Cavin Morris in the exhibition, CONTAINED EXCITEMENT:  PLEASURES OF THE VOID which runs from Saturday, December 11, 2010 through Saturday, January 22, 2011. Also included in the exhibition are: Emogayu, Lizzie Farey, Polly Jacobs Giacchina, Yoshitaka Hasu, Deirdre Hawthorne, Mei-Ling Hom, Kentaro Kawabata, Shozo Michikawa, Drew Nichols, Takao Okazaki, Hyungsub Shin, Polly Adams Sutton, Akiko Tanaka, Tyrone Tripoli, Shannon Weber, and others.

Dec 16, 2010

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Consalvos at Andrew Edlin

An exhibition of the work of Felipe Jesus Consalvos is on view at Andrew Edlin Gallery. The exhibition features Consalvos' trademark large-scale collages, several which are double-sided, and a selection of sculptural objects – including a grouping of collaged kaleidoscopes and binoculars, a guitar and jeweled violin. The exhibition is on view from December 16, 2010 through January 29, 2011.

Dec 16, 2010

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Luis Romero at the Drawing Center

An epic installation of Luis Romero's small paper and cardboard works is on view in the exhibition Day Job, opening Thursday, December 9 at the Drawing Center. This exhibition curated by Nina Katchadourian looks at the relationship between an artist's "day job" and his or her creative practice. Artists in the exhibition are Chris Akin, Pasquale Cortese, Elizabeth Duffy, Caroline Falby, Alex Gingrow, Tom Hooper, Alexa Horochowski, Dawn Hunter, Michael Krueger, Shawn Kuruneru, Deanna Lee, Mary Lydecker, Raul J Mendez, Julia Oldham, Alex O’Neal, Roberto Osti, Zach Rockhill, Luis Romero, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Alfred Steiner, Justin Storms, Harvey Tulcensky, and Jonathan Wahl.

Dec 09, 2010

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Alex Da Corte at the Hammer Museum

Gallery artist Alex Da Corte will participate in the group exhibition, New Skin for the Old Ceremony for which curators Lorca Cohen and Darin Klein asked artist-filmmakers to "reimagine and interpret" Leonard Cohen's 1974 album of the same name. The show will also feature work by Theo Angell, Peter Coffin, Weston Currie, Brent Green, Christian Holstad, Lily Lanken & Sylvan Lanken, Lucky Dragons, Brett Milspaw, Kelly Sears, and Tina Tyrell.

Press release

Nov 23, 2010

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Andrew Herman at Arcadia University

Andrew Herman's work can be seen in Nowhere: Selections from the Archives of the Hand Drawn Map Association at Arcadia University Art Gallery. The show is on view from September 23 until November 7.

The Hand Drawn Map Association (HDMA) is an ongoing archive of user-submitted maps and other diagrams created by hand. The collection includes examples ranging from spontaneously rendered directional maps to those charting fictional sites and unusual places, including drawings by historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Shackleton and Alexander Calder.

Oct 21, 2010

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Annabeth Rosen at Meulensteen

Annabeth Rosen's large-scale ceramic sculptures are on view in Meulensteen Gallery's Project Space. The exhibition runs through November 6th.

Oct 21, 2010

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I Live My Thoughts at Laurel Gitlen

A selection of Memory Jugs will be on view alongside work by Bianca Beck and Joshua Brand in the exhibition, I Live My Thoughts, on view from September 12 through October 17.

Laurel Gitlen
261 Broome Street
New York, NY 10002

Sep 14, 2010

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Dufala Brothers' Problemy at Haverford College

Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala's solo exhibition, Problemy, plays with the humble yet hugely important artifacts of daily life. The exhibition includes new drawings, paintings, digital prints, and sculptures, as well as site-specific installations on the Haverford College campus.

Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Haverford College
September 3 -October 8, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, September 3, 5:30-7:30pm
Gallery Talk: Thursday, September 16, 4:30-6pm

Sep 14, 2010

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Isaac Tin Wei Lin at the Print Center, Philadelphia

Gallery artist Isaac Lin's site-specific installation, One of Us, transforms the upstairs gallery at the Print Center into a sea of patterned prints and larger-than-life-sized, free-standing painted cutouts. The show runs from September 7 to November 20, 2010, with a reception on Thursday, September 16 from 5:30–7:30pm.

The Print Center
1614 Latimer Street, Philadelphia

Sep 09, 2010

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With Sadness

Janet S. Fleisher, founder of the Janet Fleisher Gallery, which became Fleisher/Ollman Gallery in 1997, passed away on August 2, 2010.

Read the obituary from the Philadelphia Inquirer here.

Sep 09, 2010

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Jennifer Levonian at 601 Art Space

Jennifer Levonian's Holy Donuts!,2008 will be screened as part of Plastic Summer, curated by Stamatina Gregory and Erin Sickler.

"In the annual abdication of work, school, life, and ethics (at least for some), beaches and boats, summer houses and amusement parks become the projection for a fantasy of escape and absence of responsibility. As constructed as a screensaver, as ubiquitous as a discounted package holiday, this idea of summer can seem infinitely plastic and artificial. With a nod to playfulness and a wink at the surreal, the nine videos in Plastic Summer both embrace and interrogate the visual language of summer."

Works by Elia Alba, Kim Collmer, Eteam, Jillian McDonald, Tea Makipaa, Tom Pnini, Jaye Rhee, and Carrie Schneider will also be on view.

August 26, 7-10pm
601 W. 26th Street, Suite 1755
New York, NY 10001

Aug 25, 2010

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Anthony Campuzano in Thanks, Frank

Frank Bramblett has taught at Tyler School of Art for the past 38 years. As a small gesture of appreciation, a group of his former students will exhibit artwork made with Frank in mind.

Anthony Campuzano, gallery artist,will have on view a new sculptural piece made specifically for the exhibition.

August 27 - September 21, 2010
Opening reception: Friday, August 27, 7-9
The Elkins Estate
1750 Ashbourne Road
Elkins Park, PA 19027

Aug 25, 2010

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With Sadness

Fleisher/Ollman mourns the passing of friend and artist Charles Fahlen. There will be a memorial service for Fahlen in the gallery on Saturday, September 25th at 5pm. Read the Philadelphia Inquirer's obituary here.

Aug 16, 2010

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John J. O'Connor in Artforum.com's Critics' Picks

On O'Connor's current show at Fleisher/Ollman, C'OD(e)R, Nell McClister writes: "this is a fresh and promising phase of experimentation in inquiry unmoored, a bold investigation into the struggle to make sense of existence, in art and beyond." Read the full review online here or download the PDF here.

Jul 23, 2010

Alex Da Corte at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Cellar Door, curated by Marie Heilich, opens July 14 in the Front Room at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. The exhibition, which includes work by Alex Da Corte, Trevor Reese, and Justin Visnesky, focuses on "the landscape of a production and consumption based society" where "artists have taken on the role of editor rather than creator...[t]hrough selecting, documenting and ultimately placing objects in an art context." Cellar Door runs through August 1.

Jul 08, 2010

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Alex Da Corte, The Secret (Still) Knows, Los Angeles

Alex Da Corte will be participating in "The Secret (Still) Knows," organized by LAND, the Los Angeles Nomadic Division, a non-profit public art initiative committed to commissioning and producing site- and situation-specific projects with national and international artists.

The exhibition runs from July 10 to August 16 at LAB, 2622 South La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Jun 30, 2010

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Kate Abercrombie, John J. O'Connor in Citypaper

A review of exhibitions of work by Kate Abercrombie and John J. O'Connor, on view at the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, is now featured in the Philadelphia Citypaper. Robin Rice describes Abercrombie and O'Connor as examples of "the promising younger artists whom Fleisher/Ollman Gallery has shown recently," comparing their "[p]rocesses and elements of automatic (chance-based) surrealism" to those of the self-taught artists the Gallery also represents.

Download review here, or read the review online.

"making, joining and repairing" and "C'OD(e)R" are on view through August 20th.

Jun 24, 2010

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Alex Da Corte in "Christmas in July" at Yvon Lambert, New York

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is pleased to announce Alex Da Corte's participation in "Christmas in July" at Yvon Lambert, New York, a group show curated by Simon Castets. The exhibition will also feature the work of John Baldessari, Lynda Benglis, Michael Brown, Heman Chong, Douglas Gordon, Christian Holstad, Jonathan Horowitz, Matt Keegan, Keegan McHargue, Marepe, Kris Martin, Aleksandra Mir, Sarah Ortmeyer, Ariel Schlesinger, Roman Signer, Katja Strunz, and Nick Van Woert. Opening reception Thursday, July 1, from 6-8. Exhibition runs through July 31.

Jun 23, 2010

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Summer Studio with Anthony Campuzano at the ICA, Philadelphia

This July, Anthony Campuzano will transform ICA's second floor gallery into a free form art school and working artists' studio, both free and open to the public. Campuzano has invited peers (including gallery artists and friends Kate Abercrombie and Jack Sloss), mentors, professors and other special guests to provide art instruction in various media, discuss past and current projects, screen favorite videos and films, and contribute work on view throughout the month. Grounding this program is a series of re-staged lessons that Campuzano found formative in his development as a young artist. Classes start July 1. The full schedule is available here.

Ann Landi, of ARTnews, wrote about Campuzano's upcoming project in the magazine's
June issue.

Jun 23, 2010

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Anda Dubinskis in "Art in the Open"

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is pleased to announce the participation of Anda Dubinskis in the Philadelphia "Art in the Open" festival. "Art in the Open" brings a selected group of artists to the Schuylkill Banks to inspire new ways of seeing the river and the city it runs through. From dawn until dusk on June 9th through 12th, the artists will work outside, between the Water Works and Locust Street, and at Bartram's Garden, in a transparent creative process open to everyone.

Jun 07, 2010

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Ars Nova Music Event this Friday

Koboku Senju + Eric Carbonara
Fleisher/Ollman Gallery
Friday, May 28
$10 Admission

Please join Ars Nova Workshop at Fleisher/Ollman for the U.S. debut of Norwegian/Japanese quintet Koboku Senju, meaning "selection of dead trees." Band includes Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar), Toshimaru Nakamura (no-input mixing board), Martin Taxt (tuba), Eivind Lønning (trumpet), Espen Reinertsen (tenor saxophone + flute).

Philadelphia-based chaturangui player Eric Carbonara opens the evening.

May 27, 2010

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Jina Valentine in "natural renditions" at Marlborough Chelsea

Fleisher/Ollman is pleased to announce Jina Valentine's inclusion in "natural renditions" at Marlborough Chelsea. The exhibition, which opens June 3 and runs until July 9, "is comprised of twenty-two artist who use a number of disparate materials, processes and techniques to create work that evokes organic forms and phenomena." Valentine's Poisonous Books, a large construction on paper from 2009, will be on view.

May 27, 2010

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Jennifer Levonian at the Sante Fe Art Institute

This year, as part of the 2010 Visiting Artist Lecture Series, "Elemental: Earth Air, Fire, Water - Art and Environment," the Santa Fe Art Institute has invited artists who focus on environmental awareness to exhibit and lecture. By presenting artists' sensitivity to the plight of the planet - in works of art ranging from ancient and indigenous objects to contemporary forms and multimedia visions, the exhibition and related lectures will provide a deeper understanding and connection to our natural world. Exhibition runs June 4 to August 27, and a lecture with Levonian will be held on August 23.

May 26, 2010

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Tristin Lowe, Exhibition of New Work at the Rhode Island School of Design

The moon, Earth's only satellite, has been a source of mystery and wonder since the beginning of history. Scientists have studied the moon's physical characteristics for millennia, and artists and writers have been inspired by its powerful presence. Using low-tech (but labor-intensive) methods and material, sculptor Tristin Lowe (American, b. 1966) has created a moon to fill the Museum's lower Farago Gallery by covering an inflatable sphere, twelve-and-a-half feet in diameter, in white felt. "This sculpture, entitled Lunacy, is both surprising and contemplative" explains Judith Tannenbaum, the Museum's Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art. "This piece is a reflection of his longtime fascination with science related to the moon and the cosmos, and at the same time is an astonishing feat of craftsmanship." A fabric with ancient origins, felt absorbs energy, light, and sound. The surface of Lunacy is composed of fourteen felt sections hand-worked and sewn together. A myriad of raised craters and rings approximate the moon's terrain rather than replicating its actual geological features.

May 26, 2010

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Jennifer Levonian in "Body of Work" at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.

"Body of Work: New Perspectives on Figure Painting" is part of the National Museum of Women in the Art's biennial exhibition series Women to Watch, featuring emerging artists from the states and countries in which the museum has outreach committees. Each exhibition focuses on a specific medium or theme. "Body of Work" will be on view at NWMA from July 2 to September 12.

May 26, 2010

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Dufala Brother included in "A Sense of Humor" at Kohler Arts Center

A Sense of Humor examines the many faces of humor in art, whether lighthearted tongue-in-cheek work, biting witticism that stabs at the politics of today, or quirky objects that call to mind the familiar. Through installations, paintings, sculpture, photographs, video, and audio, the 22 featured artists arrive at humor from many different points of view.

Artists include: Erwin Wurm, José Carcavilla, Barnaby Barford, Matt Stuart, Laurina Paperina, David Shrigley, Tim Hawkinson, Jean Lowe, Bill Amundson, Gregory Scott, Richard Saja, Jeffu Warmouth, Fanny Allié, William Wegman, Joel-Peter Witkin, Daniel Carr, Erika Rothenberg, Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala, Charles Krafft and Mike Simi.

Exhibition runs from June 20 to September 26 at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI.

May 26, 2010

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Jennifer Levonian at Pacific Design Center

"Breathless," organized by Paul Young, features recent video works by two contemporary East Coast artists. Jennifer Levonian and Sari Carel both use animation practices to explore personal, formal and social tensions found in everyday experiences. Exhibition runs May 20 to June 17 at the Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA.

May 26, 2010

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Jennifer Levonian and Anthony Campuzano in the Inquirer

Edith Newhall reviews Jennifer Levonian and Anthony Campuzano at Fleisher/Ollman, and Levonian at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Read the review here.

May 20, 2010

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An Obie for the Dufala Brothers

Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala have won an Obie Award in machine design for their work in "Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines Machines," presented last summer at New York's Here Arts Center in association with Rainpan 43.

May 18, 2010

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Isaac Lin in ARTnews

Gallery artist Isaac Lin's show at Fleisher/Ollman, "A Place Near Here" was reviewed in ARTnews' May 2010 issue. Download the review here.

May 17, 2010

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In Dialogue: Jennifer Levonian, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Jennifer Levonian and Adelina Vlas, Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, will discuss the artist's work, including "Take Your Picture with a Puma," the stop-motion animation made using watercolor and collage, currently on view as part of the Live Cinema/Histories in Motion exhibition series.

Sunday, May 16, 2:00 PM in the Van Pelt Auditorium. Free after Museum admission.

Event made possible with support from The Pennsylvania State Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

May 12, 2010

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Bruce Pollock in China

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery congratulates Bruce Pollock on the exhibition "Magic Well: Drawings and Paintings," now on view at the Shenzhen Art Museum in Shenzhen City, China.

May 12, 2010

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Jennifer Levonian in Live Cinema at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is screening Jennifer Levonian's animation "Take Your Picture with a Puma" as part of its Live Cinema/Histories In Motion exhibition series. Also on view are many of the watercolor and collage drawings Levonian used to create the video. The exhibition runs from April 30 to May 31.

Apr 30, 2010

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Paul Swenbeck and Nick Lenker at Bambi Gallery, Philadelphia

Gallery artist Paul Swenbeck and Nick Lenker present collaborative works at Bambi Gallery, Philadelphia. The exhibition, "Man, Myth, and Magic," runs from April 1 to 25.

Apr 01, 2010

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Mei-ling Hom's Cloud Sphere at Philadelphia International Airport

The City of Philadelphia’s Percent for Art Program and the Philadelphia International Airport Exhibitions Program are pleased to announce the completion of a new public artwork in conjunction with the Terminal D-E Expansion and Modernization Project. At a ribbon-cutting ceremony on February 16th, the artist Mei-ling Hom joined Mayor Nutter and other dignitaries to officially dedicate Cloud Sphere in conjunction with the opening of the new Terminal E Hammerhead area of the Airport.

Cloud Sphere consists of 45 three-dimensional cloud forms intricately shaped through the twisting and bending of stainless steel hex netting. The forms, which are each unique in shape and size, occupy the overhead space of the Rotunda, located at the end of Hammerhead terminal. During the day, sunlight causes the mesh forms to become more ethereal and elusive; at night, the clouds become more assertive as the edge lighting sets the upper walls aglow and casts dramatic cloud shadows on the walls. Throughout history, clouds have played a major role in Chinese art and culture as they symbolize never-ending fortune, happiness and luck. The shimmering cloud forms provide a respite of calm amidst the activity of flight departures and arrivals and create an ephemeral, dream-like moment.

The Percent for Art Program of the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy commissions exceptional and enduring works of site-specific public art by renowned and emerging artists for City buildings. Philadelphia’s public art collection is recognized as the largest and most remarkable in the world. Since 1959, more than 300 works of art have been commissioned through the City of Philadelphia’s Percent for Art ordinance.

Mar 19, 2010

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Dufala Brothers at Slought Foundation

Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala will be included in an upcoming exhibition at Slought Foundation, Philadelphia. "Solitary Pleasures" is a provocative exhibition exploring the theme of masturbation and other forms of solitary pleasure, including smoking, drinking, reading, and art itself. The exhibition will feature historical works, contemporary works, and work by younger artists that present different visual representations of solitary pleasures. In addition, texts, quotations, and other research material will offer a larger historical context for appreciating the multiplicity of solitary pleasures in contemporary culture. A visual lineage including artists such as Durer, Titian, Giorgione, Hans Baldung Grien, among others will be suggested through reproductions, while quotations from Diogenes, Diderot, Rousseau, Kant, Freud, Irigaray, Foucault, Derrida, and others will offer an intellectual and historical context for the exhibition. Instead of trying to be exhaustive, the exhibition speculates on the possibilities posed by the subject of solitary pleasures. "Solitary Pleasures" runs from March 26 to April 21.

Mar 19, 2010

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Jennifer Levonian in Iceland

Gallery artist Jennifer Levonian will be featured at the 700IS Reindeerland Experimental Film Festival, Iceland. The festival runs from March 20 to 27, 2010. Levonian will be screening "You, Starbucks" - a stop-motion animation using collage and watercolor.

Mar 09, 2010

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Luis Romero and Ray Yoshida reviewed in Philadelphia Inquirer

Galleries: Small, bold works dazzle in a big space

By Edith Newhall

Luis Romero's obsessively constructed and painted paper assemblages and quirky line drawings easily could lead you to believe he's a self-taught artist. That, and the fact that he's showing his works at the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, which besides showing contemporary artists has a long history of introducing the efforts of the un-art-schooled, makes that possibility seem all the more likely.

In fact, Romero has spent more time in school than out of it. A Puerto Rican who lives in Chicago, he has a degree in philosophy, literature, and film from Boston University; a certificate from the National School of Plastic Arts (Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas) in Mexico City; and an M.F.A. in painting and drawing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Romero's paper assemblages take up most of his show and are the work you see first as you enter the main gallery. They're made up of multiple torn pieces of paper that he paints, then staples together to form rough grid patterns. As busy and childlike as this mode of construction sounds, it results in surprisingly elegant, bold geometry.

His abstract line drawings, on the other hand, bring to mind the contours of pre-Columbian Mexican pottery, as well as the stylized, repetitive shapes common to the paintings of Chicago imagists Roger Brown, Christina Ramberg, and Jim Nutt.

Having seen Romero's work in two group shows here, I would not have imagined it in a show of the scale he now has - his pieces are generally small and would seem ideally suited to an intimate box of a gallery - but his percolating grids take over Fleisher/Ollman's wide-open main space as if they were made to be there.

Represented by a selection of collages in Fleisher/Ollman's small gallery is Ray Yoshida, a Chicago imagist who counseled countless students during his decades as a painting professor at SAIC (Romero was one, as were Roger Brown, Elizabeth Murray, Robert Storr, and many others, myself included). He also was a master of the seemingly passing enigmatic observation that would leave a student desperately guessing at its real meaning. Yoshida's collages of images, cut from comic books and glued to paper in tidy grids, are as mysteriously witty as he was, an invitation to an inscrutable code that would never be cracked.

Mar 09, 2010

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Top Ten From the Armory Show Modern

David Ebony of Art in America has named Fleisher/Ollman Gallery one of the ten best booths at this year's Armory Show Modern.

Ebony writes: "It would be difficult to find a better example of Ed Paschke's work than the 1970 painting of a figure playing an accordion on view here. Corresponding with canvases by Christina Ramberg, whose figurative abstraction closely relate to those of the Chicago Imagists, it was the centerpiece of a booth containing sculpture by William Edmondson and the Philadelphia Wireman. Recent works by young artists, such as the team of Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala, more than held their own here. Known for focusing on environmental issues in their works, the brothers showed large watercolors of the floating islands of plastic bottles and other refuse that litter the oceans, as well as a peculiar, jerry-built machine sculpture that resembles a yellow power saw."

Mar 09, 2010

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Jennifer Levonian and Fleisher/Ollman at ARCO Madrid

Gallery artist, Jennifer Levonian will be featured in ARCO Madrid's Cinema Loop curated by Paul Young and Carolina Grau. ARCO Madrid 29 International Contemporary Art Fair runs from February 17 through February 21.

Take Your Picture With a Puma, Jennifer Levonian's newest low-tech animation, made from watercolor, drawing, and collage, follows an American tourist on her quest for authentic experiences in Mexico, aided only by a Lonely Planet guidebook. In her search for offbeat locations, she inevitably travels the well-trodden path of other like-minded tourists. Surrounded by cruise ships, open air markets, cat fights, and teenagers making out, the tourist-protagonist finds an unlikely friendship in a Mexican bakery.

Feb 04, 2010

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Megawords Isuue 12 Release Party and Video Screening

The newest issue of Megawords is available now! Join Megawords at Fleisher/Ollman for a release party on Thursday, Janary 14 from 6:30 to 9pm.

Megawords will be showing a selection of short films by Adams and Itso from Denmark, and Mattias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf from Berlin, whose work was previously seen in Philadelphia at the Megawords storefront. Their films document the construction of architectural surprises in public spaces.

Jan 11, 2010

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Anthony Campuzano in Read-Only-Memory

Organized by Stamatina Gregory

January 8 - February 13, 2010
Opens January 8 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Read-Only-Memory brings together works by Anthony Campuzano, Graham Dolphin, and Molly Larkey, all of which incorporate acts of analogue transcription. Characterized by the meticulous, almost devotional labor of recreating found, journalistic, pop, or literary texts, these works stand as extreme acts of obsolete protocol, investigating the lapses of time and information between reading, writing, and reception.

Independent curator Stamatina Gregory recently completed the Whitney Lauder Curatorial Fellowship at the ICA in Philadelphia and curated a large group exhibition of contemporary photography at the FLAGArt Foundation. She is also a doctoral candidate at The Graduate Center at the City University of New York.

Winkleman Gallery
621 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

Jan 04, 2010

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Jennifer Levonian at the Wexner

Three animations by gallery artist, Jennifer Levonian, will be on view at Wexner Center for the Arts (Ohio) from January 1 through January 28.

Wexner will be continuously screening You, Starbucks (2006); Holy Donuts (2008); and Levonian's newest piece, Take Your Picture with a Puma (2009).

For more information: www.wexarts.org

Dec 10, 2009

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A blog with content and pictures

Friend and gallery artist, Jina Valentine, is currently spending one year in Paris, France on a residency through the Stanford Studio for Humanities at the Cité International. You can read about her travels and discoveries here:


If you need convincing that you should add another site to your dailies:

"saturday afternoon, at 14:30, we arrived at the Closerie Falballa-- the site itself is in Périgny-Sur-Yerres, approximately 2 hours by train/bus/walk from centre-ville Paris... the closerie falbala was executed between 1971-1973 by Dubuffet and a team of technicians. it's quite a grand accomplishment, and is representative of the Hourloupe Cycle for which he's most known. the site is nestled away in the woods, and was damp and slippery with wet leaves when we arrived. the Closerie, the garden-simulacrum is just large enough to feel like a site, once you're in it, but not so grand as to feel like a park, say, and is larger than monumental sculpture--or more inviting anyway. and our group numbered about 10 people--two families, including a set of talkative toddlers, and locals from the banlieu. i'll update this post with pictures soon, but what was really most striking about being there, navigating this undulating, black and white terrain, was watching the way in which the groups' shapes and colors interacted with the piece. imagine this: a blond woman in fur coat, 50ish, stockings, and 3 inch heels with a toddler modifies her movements to the terrain and to the child run-amok. i mean at first you'd think the site seems out of place (stark white and black on earth-tones). within the closerie, you realize we the visitors are quite out of place there--tripping, wobbling around, and interrupting each others' views of the work with our brightly colored, awkward bodies."

Dec 01, 2009

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Radical Computer Music this Thursday

Radical Computer Music

Thursday, December 3 at 6:30pm

Radical Computer Music is a performance and talk by Goodiepal, a renowned yet controversial Scandinavian electronic musician and professor of music composition. Goodiepal is currently touring the states, spreading his new theories.


Nov 30, 2009

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Walk-Through of Back to Earth

Please join us on Saturday, November 14th at 2pm for a discussion, led by gallerist John Ollman, of Back to Earth, our homage to the 1989 exhibition Magiciens de la Terre, which has inspired Fleisher/Ollman and its programs for many years.

Nov 12, 2009

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Marcy Hermansader at Brattleboro Museum

Marcy Hermansader will be exhibiting new works in "Back Through Black", Nov. 22, 2009 - Feb. 21, 2010, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center. The exhibition is made possible with support from the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Oct 21, 2009

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Artists Who Use Text To Say Nice Things

An exhibition, organized by Aaron Krach, featuring artists whose use text "to say nice things" includes gallery artists, Anthony Campuzano, Alex Da Corte and Mark Mahosky.

Other artists in the show include: Nicole Docimo, Alyssa Duhe, Carl Ferrero, Dana Frankfort, Patrick Fry, Incidental, Chris Johanson, Cary Leibowitz, Gillian MacCleod, Heath Nash, Jack Pierson, Megan Plunkett, Franklin Preston, Trevor Reese, Alyce Santoro, Reed Siefer, Sighn,Micky Smith, Charlie Welch, Shawn Wolfe.

Saturday and Sunday, October 24 and 25
1pm – 6pm
206 Rivington Street, #4D (between Ridge and Pitt)
New York, NY 10002

Oct 06, 2009

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Alex da Corte at P.S. 1

Between Spaces

On view October 25, 2009 - April 5, 2010

For the second time in P.S.1 history, the junior curatorial staff will produce and organize a large-scale group exhibition. Between Spaces will include film, installation, photography, and sculpture that address themes of nostalgia, a preoccupation with materiality, and the creation of illusionistic and psychological shifts in space. Playing the role of alchemist, each artist in Between Spaces will recast familiar materials and objects such as wood, paint, mirrors, moving blankets, Plexi-glass, Venetian blinds, and metal grating to make the ordinary strange.

Artists: David Altmejd, Martin Soto Climent, Alex Da Corte, Robert de Saint Phalle, Cheryl Donegan, Zak Kitnick, Sam Moyer, Heather Rowe, Melanie Schiff, Marc Swanson, and Penelope Umbrico

Organized by Tim Goossens and Kate McNamara, P.S.1 Curatorial Assistants.

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center
22-25 Jackson Ave at the intersection of 46th Ave
Long Island City, NY 11101

Oct 02, 2009

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Fleisher/Ollman is now accepting submissions

Fleisher/Ollman is currently accepting submissions for the 7th annual Winter Invitational exhibition which will be on view at the gallery from December 11, 2009 through January 9, 2010.

Submission Guidelines

Sep 29, 2009

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Third Man Trio at Fleisher/Ollman

Tuesday, October 13, 8pm

Han Bennink, drums
Michael Moore, reeds
Will Holshouser, accordion
$12 General Admission

Presented by Ars Nova Workshop

Since the demise of the legendary and critically-acclaimed Trio Clusone -featuring Han Bennink, Michael Moore and Ernst Reijseger - in 1998, the jazzcommunity has been anxiously awaiting a vehicle for composer Moore and the raucous Bennink to carry on with their peculiar melodic, harmonic and rambunctious work. Following a near decade-long search, Bennink and Moore, both members of Misha Mengelberg's Instant Composers Pool, found the ideal "third man" in Brooklyn-based accordionist Will Holshouser. Holshouser, a student of Anthony Braxton, has collaborated with Antony and the Johnsons, David Krakauer & Klezmer Madness, Maria Schneider and Regina Carter.

One of the founding fathers of European improvised music, Bennink (b.1942) has performed with Sonny Rollins, Wes Montgomery, Eric Dolphy and Dexter Gordon. With fellow Dutch pioneers, pianist Misha Mengelberg and saxophonist Willem Breuker, he founded the musicians’ collective Instant Composers Pool in 1967, with which he still performs. Since, Bennink has collaborated frequently with Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Peter Brötzmann, Derek Bailey and Dave Douglas, among others. A student of Jaki Byard and Gunther Schuller, Moore is also known for his work with Fred Hersch and Jewels and Binoculars.

Sep 09, 2009

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Fleisher/Ollman featured in New York Times

Art to Make You Laugh (and Cry)

by Randy Kennedy

"Nicely fed, I walked over to the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, a 47-year-old center for the work of self-taught artists which has also, since 1997, focused on contemporary artists whose work reflects the influence of such outsider art. The show on view, “Frenz,” which ends on Saturday, is a good, oddball one, with pieces by 11 artists who were chosen by the indie musician Will Oldham."

Read the rest of the article here

Sep 09, 2009

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Digital Primitives at Fleisher/Ollman

Thursday, September 24, 8pm

Cooper-Moore, diddly-bo + banjo
Assif Tsahar, tenor saxophone + bass clarinet
Chad Taylor, drum set + m\'bira
$12 General Admission

Presented by Ars Nova Workshop

As a composer, performer, instrument builder, storyteller, teacher, mentor, and organizer, Cooper-Moore has been a major, if somewhat behind-the-scenes, catalyst in the world of creative music for over 30 years. As a child prodigy Cooper-Moore played piano in churches near his birthplace in the Piedmont region of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. His performance roots in the realm of avant-jazz date to the NYC Loft Jazz era in the early 1970s. His first fully committed jazz group was formed in 1970 - the collective trio Apogee with David S. Ware and drummer Marc Edwards. Sonny Rollins asked them to open for him at the Village Vanguard in 1973, and they did so with aplomb. A recording of this group was made in 1977, and later issued as Birth of a Being on hatHut under Ware’s name. Following an evidently rather trying European tour with Ware, Beaver Harris and Brian Smith in 1981, Cooper-Moore returned home and completely destroyed his piano, with sledgehammer and fire, in his backyard. He didn’t play piano again until some years after, instead focusing his energies from 1981-1985 on developing and implementing curriculum to teach children through music via the Head Start program.

Returning to New York in 1985, he spent a great part of his creative time working and performing with theatre and dance productions, largely utilizing his hand-crafted instruments. It was not until the early 90s, when William Parker asked him to join his group, In Order To Survive, that Cooper-Moore’s pianistic gifts were again regularly featured in a jazz context. For this rare Philadelphia appearance, he performs with the collective Digital Primitives featuring Israeli tenor saxophonist and bass clarinetist Assif Tsahar, known for his work with Cecil Taylor, Rashied Ali, Peter Kowald, William Parker and Hamid Drake; and drummer Chad Taylor, a member of the Chicago Underground Duo and Iron and Wine, and a major contributor to Chicago's post-rock scene where he has recorded or collaborated with Tortoise, Isotope 217, Stereolab, Sam Prekop and Jim O'Rourke.

Sep 09, 2009

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Flickr stream

Fleisher/Ollman has a Flickr stream! Check back often for pictures of current and past exhibitions, as well as works from the back room which might not otherwise find their way on to our web site. We will be updating often.


Sep 01, 2009

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Design Sponge: Philadelphia

Fleisher/Ollman was recently featured on Grace Bonney's blog: Design Sponge.


Aug 15, 2009

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machines machines machines machines machines machines machines

Gallery artists, Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala, have designed the intricately futile machines that are featured in machines machines machines machines machines machines machines, which is currently onstage at Here (New York).

machines machines machines machines machines machines machines explodes the world of garage tinkers and backyard engineers in a ridiculous theatre piece featuring the world\'s most complicated machines set to perform the simplest tasks. Following the formula, \"the most of amount of effort for the least amount of gain,\" three chowderhead geniuses reach for the heights of mechanical ingenuity to reveal the depths of human idiocy.

Machines x 7 focuses on a trio of fretful men (Rainpan co-founders Geoff Sobelle and Trey Lyford along with Pig Iron\'s Gabriel Quinn Bauriedel) who may or may not be brothers living in what may or may not be a postapocalyptic world. In constant fear of an unnamed and unseen enemy, they grow increasingly paranoid and wire their bunker with an enormous array of machines constructed from debris.

145 Sixth Avenue

Jun 04, 2009

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Pew Fellowships in the Arts Announced

Fleisher/Ollman is pleased to spread the good news that the following old friends, new friends and amazing artists have been named the 2009 Pew Fellows:

Marc Brodzik, Anthony Campuzano, Sarah Gamble, Daniel Heyman, Ken Kalfus, Jennifer Levonian, Robert Matthews, Frances McElroy, Ben Peterson, Marco Roth, Ryan Trecartin, Nami Yamamoto

Pew Fellowships in the Arts, a program of The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, was established by The Pew Charitable Trusts in 1991 and awards grants to artists working in a wide variety of performing, visual and literary disciplines.

Jun 03, 2009

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Mocha Dick In the Invisible World reviewed in Philadelphia Inquirer

Dynamic duo

by Edith Newhall

"Few artworks in Philadelphia can inspire the jaw-dropping awe that Tristin Lowe's single, gigantic felt replica of a whale, Mocha Dick, at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, does (and will do all summer). By contrast, the two-person show Lowe is sharing with Paul Swenbeck at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery has the feeling of a collaboration, of two friends playing off each other's whims." [...]

Read the rest of the article here

May 26, 2009

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Mocha Dick reviewed in Philadelphia Inquirer

Fabric Workshop features Philly artist

By Edward Sozanski

"[...] Tristin Lowe's contribution, a monumental sculpture, is a piece that would normally dominate such a group show; perhaps it does if one sees it last. It's not only enormous, but improbable - a life-scale, 52-foot-long sperm whale, Mocha Dick, executed in ivory-colored industrial felt stretched over an inflatable vinyl armature. [...]"

Read the rest of the article here

May 18, 2009

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Tristin Lowe at The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Tristin Lowe will be unveiling his newest work-a 52 foot long sculpture of a sperm whale at the Fabric Workshop and Museum’s newly renovated galleries. The exhibition which runs from April 27 through the end of the summer also includes work by Virgil Marti, Peter Rose and Ryan Trecartin.

Inspired by Mocha Dick, the notorious male sperm whale that lived in the Pacific Ocean in the early 19th Century and which was the model for Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, Lowe has created his version of the iconic leviathan out of felt. The piece was made in conjunction with the Fabric Workshop and Museum.

Apr 07, 2009

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Doppelganger with Isaac Resnikoff at Acuna-Hansen

Isaac Resnikoff, gallery artist, will be exhibiting two works at Acuna-Hansen in Los Angeles. The Complete History of the U.S.A, version 1 & 11, previously exhibited at Fleisher/Ollman in the exhibition Rip, Rig and Panic and a new sculptural piece, Little Freedon, will be on display.

The exhibition opens on March 28 and runs through May 2.
427 Bernard Street
Los Angeles, CA

Mar 20, 2009

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Dufala Brothers win West Prize


We are thrilled to announce that gallery artists, Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala, were awarded the West Prize Grand Prize, a cash award of $25,000.

The West Prize, in its inaugural year, was selected from an open call for early career artists. 3,600 artists from 73 countries submitted 18,000 works for consideration.

The Dufala Brothers "Ice Cream Truck Tank," along with work from the other nine finalists—Rob Carter, Brian Cooper, Jonas Criscoe, Thomas Doyle, Deborah Hamon, James Johnson, Georg Parthen, Ann Toebbe, and Nathan Vincent—will be on exhibition at the NEXT Art Fair, in Chicago, May 1-4, 2009.

Feb 27, 2009

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Tom Vance was awarded an Individual Creative Artist Fellowship 2009 from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Additionally, the artist is scheduled for an upcoming exhibition at the Philadelphia International Airport. Please check back for more information.

Feb 07, 2009

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Drawing in the World

Drawing in the World at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at the University of the Arts is a quietly powerful show, in which Sid Sachs examines how drawing functions on many levels by painters, sculptors, architects, craftspersons, cartoonists, conceptual artists, filmmakers, appropriationists and visionaries. There are many drawings which show process, drawings as objects, as well as examples of finished drawings. The drawings are from some of major artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as rising stars.

Gallery artists Anthony Campuzano, Jina Valentine, Andrew Herman, and Isaac Resnikoff have work included, alongside Polly Apfelbaum, Jennifer Bartlett, Mel Bochner, Lee Bontecou, Charles Burns, William Daley, Sergei Eisenstein, Joel Fisher, Sidney Goodman, Joseph Grigely, Louis Kahn, Daniel Liebeskind, Cynthia Lin, Sherry Levine, Mark Lombardi, Henry Moore, Joshua Mosely, Matt Mullican, Judy Pfaff, Ellen Phelan, Martin Ramirez, Steve Riedell, Perry Steindel, Mark Stockton, and Stephen Talasnik.

Feb 07, 2009

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Anthony Campuzano at the ICA (Philadelphia)

Touch Sensitive is Anthony Campuzano's first major museum outing. Touch Sensitive is an apt name for what promises to be an informative and engaging exhibition of new and select drawings, products of the artists intense collecting, scrutinizing, distillation of news, personal notes, history, obituaries, and popular culture. Anthony's ability to make meaningful connections between disparate things and to generate a significant personal resonance between the viewer and his many famous and not so famous subjects, nears a place of sweet perfection. Simultaneously, the artist makes you feel anonymous, famous, important, young, old, fragile and invincible. Do see the show.

Dec 22, 2008

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Paul Swenbeck at ICA Philadelphia

Gallery artist, Paul Swenbeck, will be included in the ICA Philadelphia's show, 'Dirt on Delight: Impulses that Form Clay' opening January 16th and running through July 12, 2009. The show will present the work of twenty-three artists who have created significant work in clay. The artists in 'Dirt on Delight' run across the full spectrum of conventional delineations between fine arts, crafts and outsider practices. Eugene Von Bruenchenhein is also included in the exhibition.

Dec 22, 2008

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Landman and the Thunderbird Screening

On January 19, Fleisher/Ollman will host the debut screening of the documentation of Philadelphia artist Andrew Brehm's "Landman and the Thunderbird," an ambitious performance which he produced this past Fall. For three days Brehm sequestered himself in the courtyard of the North Philadelphia warehouse where he keeps his studio, equipped with a reservoir of water and assorted warehouse-variety debris. The setting is one of Philadelphia's neighborhoods hit hardest by de-industrialization, population loss, unemployment, poverty and crime. Various surreal theatrics ensue, injecting elements of fantasy—both comical and nightmarish—into what might otherwise pass as straight-up SURVIVOR:Kensington Edition. The result is poignant commentary on free-will, poverty, homelessness and existence.

Dec 18, 2008

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Dufala Brothers named as West Prize Finalists

Congratulations to the Dufala Brothers who have been named as one of the 10 West Prize Acquisition Finalists for 2008. Steven Dufala and Billy Blaise Dufala, artists, collaborators, and brothers, will be exhibiting in You Open So Early, You Close So Late, our annual group exhibition in December and in Trophy, a solo exhibition at Fleisher/Ollman in early Spring.

Dec 01, 2008

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Castle In Context Walk-Through

Please join us on Saturday, November 8th at 2pm for an informal walk-through of the exhibition, Castle in Context.

Gallerist John Ollman will lead a discussion exploring the myriad, sometimes surprising affinities between Castle's work and that of the diverse group of artists on display in Fleisher/Ollman's current exhibition.

Castle in Context will be on view through December 6th.

Oct 25, 2008

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Changing the Canon: Self Taught Artists

19 November 2008 | 5:00–7:00pm

Ibrahim Theater, International House, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia

Changing the Canon: Self-Taught Artists Film Screening and Panel Discussion

James Castle: Portrait of an Artist

A film by Jeffrey Wolf

Introduction by Molly Dougherty, Executive Director, Foundation for Self-Taught Artists

Brendan Greaves, Folklorist, University of North Carolina

John Ollman, Director, Fleisher-Ollman Gallery

Ann Percy, Curator of Drawings, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Jeffrey Wolf, Film Producer and Director

Wendy Steiner (moderator), Founding Director, Penn Humanities Forum

Born deaf, James Castle (1900–1977), a self-taught American artist who refused to read, write, or otherwise communicate except through art, used soot, saliva, and found materials such as ads and food wrappers for his creations. Today, major museums throughout the U.S. collect his work.

In association with the exhibition James Castle: A Retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (October 14, 2008–January 4, 2009), the Penn Humanities Forum presents the Foundation for Self-Taught Artists’ new documentary on Castle, with a panel discussion to follow on the radical changes in the canon of art reflected in the new acceptance of self-taught artists.

Cosponsored by the Foundation for Self-Taught American Artists and

International House, Philadelphia.

Oct 09, 2008

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Annabeth Rosen at Gallery Paule Anglim

Gallery artist, Annabeth Rosen, will be showing new and beautiful work at Gallery Paule Anglim, San Francisco, through November 1.


Oct 03, 2008

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NADA Emerging Artist

Anthony Campuzano, maker of amazing and obsessive distillations of news, phrases, history, and the like, was the featured on the NADA Emerging Artist Page in September's L Magazine.

Sep 26, 2008

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Area 919 presents a selection of works from the past 25 years of TODT, the radical art collective who have been active on the international art scene since the late 1970's. If you missed Fleisher/Ollman's 2007 show, "TODT AFTER NEXT" do not make this mistake again. If you're already familiar, you'll need no nudging.

The show runs from September 25th (Area 919's grand opening) until November 8th.


Sep 25, 2008

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Bruce Pollock: Levity at Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts

Bruce Pollock's exhibition, Levity, of recent paintings will be on view at Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts from October 3 though November 16. Opening Reception will be held on Friday, October 3 from 5-9pm.


Sep 19, 2008

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Alex is ((((((hot))))))

Alex Da Corte, gallery artist, is participating in a group exhibition at the Asia Song Society. Opening Reception: Saturday, August 9, 6-9PM.

45 Canal Street.

Participating artists:

Mosco Aa, Marina Abramovic;, Rita Ackermann, Robbii Albright, Jesse Alpern, Brian Anderson, assume vivid astro focus, Leo Babsky, Matthew Bangs, Tim Barber, Jean-Michael Basquiat, Michael Bilsborough, Aaron Bondaroff, Lizzi Bougatsos, Jen Brill, Kadar Brock, Cecily Brown, Nicholas Bruder, Simon Castets, Marcus Chang, Peter Coffin, Dan Colen, Anna Craycroft, Jey Crisfar, Alex Da Corte, Jules de Balincourt, Pia Dehne, Jen DeNike, Frederic Detjens, Rafael Doctor, Yasmine Dubois, Angela Dufresne, Rachel Ebgi, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Max Emerson, Patrick Ervell, Rachel Feinstein, Patrick Fink, Sean Fitzgerald, Leo Fitzpatrick, Yvonne Force-Villareal, Griffin Frazen, Casey Fremont, Todd Fuchsi, Luis Gispert, Trevor Good, Tim Goossens, Douglas Gordon, Kathy Grayson, Brad Greenwood, Jack Greer, Patrick Griffin, Elizabeth Huey, Gerrit Huning,Christian Jankowski, Joe Kay, Brian Kenny, Zak Kitnick, Scott Keightley, Sophia Lamar, Erik Anders Lang, Stu Lewicky, Shawn Mackinnon, Blake Mawson, Gloria Maximo, Theo Mercier, Tris Vonna-Michell, Justin Miller, Stephen Miranda, Misshapes, Slava Mogutin, Shamim Momin, Michael Nevin, Juan Antonio Oliveras, Yoko Ono, Rick Owens, Erica Papernik, William Parks, Malte Paulsen, Adam Pendleton, Kembra Pfhaler, Jack Pierson, Job Piston, Elvis Presley, Doreen Remen, Jen (JR) Reynolds, Aurel Schmidt, Stella Schnabel, Lianne Schulmann, Ethan Scott, Jeremy Shaw, Cindy Sherman, David Benjamin Sherry, Alexander Shulan, Taryn Simon, Lucien Marc Smith, Jade and Dash Snow, Bella Stahl, Jaime Szczepanski, Francesco Vezzoli, Michael Wang, Andy Warhol, Jorn Weisbrodt, Daniel Wickerham, David Wojnarowicz, Jordan Wolfson, Blake Wood, Anton Zolotov

Aug 08, 2008

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Gallery artist and dear friend, Isaac Resnikoff, is in the one day exhibition, Hinterland, at Mackey Garage on Friday, June 20, with Manuela Mark, RJ Messineo, Camilo Ontiveros, and Raimund Pleschberger. Please stop by Mackey Garage, located at 1137 - 1141 South Cochran Avenue, if you are in LA.

Jun 19, 2008

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Everything Else at Franklin Parrasch

Gallery artist Anthony Campuzano has contributed two works to the Chris Churchill-curated exhibition 'Everything Else' at Franklin Parrasch Gallery from June 17th to August 30th. The fourth in a series of exhibitions dedicated to human evolution and the creative process, artists this time include Jason Adkins, Bryan Bowie, Jason Frazier, Misaki Kawai, KAWS, Michael J. Kelly, Wook Kim, Wes Lang, Sandra Eula Lee, Rebecca Potts, George Stoll, Keith Tallett, Xavier Vellhan, Jocko Weyland, and Jesse Wine. The delightful Parrasch gallery is located at 20 West 57th Street, New York City, on the Seventh floor, and on the web at franklinparrasch.com

Jun 17, 2008

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Pollock at Joe

Gallery artist Bruce Pollock will be appearing, with Isabel Albrecht, Sharka Hyland and Sebastian Rug, in a show entitled 'Line and Time and Space' at Philadelphia's Gallery Joe. Joe is located at 302 Arch Street and the show runs from May 2nd through June 28th, and you are heartily encouraged to visit and see Pollock's works on paper in depth.

Apr 30, 2008

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Love Explosion and Heartworks

Friday, April 18th marks our biggest and strongest opening at the gallery in some time, Jack Sloss and Alex Da Corte's LOVE EXPLOSION. Full press releases to follow next week, but this news serves as information about the afterparty. We are throwing our party at Johnny Brenda's in Fishtown, in concert with the opening bacchanal of Heartworks, a week-long exhibition and benefit for the Mazzoni Center in downtown Philly. The gig on Friday night brings together an extraordinary array of performers, and we highly recommend you buy tickets in advance. The downstairs will be free, but the upstairs needs a ticket, and these will sell out soon. Please go to inliquid.com for more information and to buy tickets. We shall see you there.

Apr 09, 2008

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Too Black for BET and other stories

Fleisher/Ollman is co-hosting and compèring the book release for Jayson Scott Musson's "Too Black For BET" book, published by Free News Press. 6-10pm, Friday the 11th April, at the Mad Decent Mausoleum on Spring Garden Street. It promises to be both a family affair and a wild ride. Fleisher/Ollman will be debuting three new silkscreens from Musson at Art Chicago later in the month, April 25th-28th.

Apr 09, 2008

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Museum of Modern Art
New York, NY
Mar 26–Jul 7, 2008


Joseph Yoakum

Mar 26, 2008


2000 years around the internet

There has been a nicely prismatic array of reaction to 2000 Years of Sculpture, the show at Fleisher/Ollman until March 8th. Here are responses in varying degrees of detail ahead of the printed press later this week. The show came out exactly as we had hoped, and the photos in these blogs show many angles.


Feb 19, 2008

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Gallery artist Bruce Pollock is appearing in a group show among the boutique hotels and liquor bars of the Lower East Side in New York. GeoMetrics occurs at Gallery 128, 128 Rivington Street, from November 7th to December 8th.


Oct 26, 2007

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Annual Invitational Invitation 2007

The time has come, once again, to rouse the troops. Submissions for this year's Winter invitational are due Monday, November 5th by 5PM.

Pass it on.

Full details here

Oct 13, 2007

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Gallery artist Anthony Campuzano has created his first lithograph at the invitation of the 2007 Philagrafika Invitational Portfolio. It's a fine corollary to the American history and picking apart of the war machine present in the exhibition currently hanging at Fleisher/Ollman, now through October 27th. Produced in collaboration with the Brandywine Workshop, the print is in an edition of 35.


Sep 28, 2007

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Martha McDonald

There will be an event at the gallery this Friday from 5 to 7 pm. At the event there will be an atmosphere of the most appropriate sort as we click into gear for another season, gentle and quiet and always slightly out of step with the rest of the Philadelphia art world. The evening marks the release of 'Lament', a publication commemorating a performance by Martha McDonald at the storied Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia on an evening in late summer, 2006. Known for extravagant and baroque site-specific work, the Bartram's piece is McDonald's most pared-down work to date, and the clear, compact book reflects a new sort of logic with its juxtapositions of raking photographic documentary from the performance with chapters of floss embroideries containing a minimal, unfolding narrative about loss and the evolution of the species. We are delighted to be displaying the embroideries for the first time on Friday, and delighted to be distributing copies of the book, gratis, to all visitors. Though the embroideries will be on view through next week, consider this a one-night-only event, and join us to celebrate with McDonald and 'Lament'.

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery
1616 Walnut Street suite 100
Friday, 7th September 2007

Sep 04, 2007

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1026 recap in New York

Gallery artist Isaac Lin will be showing in 'Indexiphilia' at BravinLee programs in New York, opening July 20th. The show features works on paper from members of the venerable Philadelphia collective Space 1026, and the website features helpful, extensive history and statements from the collective. We look forward to large collaborations with Lin and Space 1026 in the 2007-2008 season.


Jul 13, 2007

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Three mandatory stops on the grand tour

Three shows featuring gallery artists are taking place around the world this summer. Jina Valentine opened 'Witch Hazel Bark,' a solo show of new works on paper and small sculptures at Steve Turner Contemporary in Los Angeles, running now through August 4th. Images abound on Turner's website. TODT are showing 'Products' at the Georges Pompidou annex in Cajarc, France until September 23rd (see right,) and James Castle is showing in the recently extended/expanded exhibition 'Citadel 1: Front Room/Killing Room' at David Risley Gallery in London. All come with our heartiest endorsements and great gratitude.


Jul 13, 2007

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"Old Head Young Head," is an exhibition of two generations of snapshot photography. Philadelphia soldier Greg Tobias represents the elders, and Dan Murphy, currently up at Fleisher/Ollman in "Good Funky Miles," represents the youngers. Viewable from June 28th to August 31st at the compact powerhouse Cerealart Project Room in Old City, Philadelphia, the show comes with our full recommendation.


Jun 23, 2007

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Summer shows

3 Fleisher/Ollman artists are featured in two innovative summer shows at the moment. Find Anthony Campuzano and Felipe Jesus Consalvos at Adam Baumgold Gallery, 74 East 79th Street in New York City, participating in 'Text Messaging,' a show of words in pictures. Those in London would do well to visit David Risley Gallery for 'The Citadel,' a living room environment, fully inhabitable, containing, among many other fine works, two delicate James Castle interiors. New York runs until August 15th, while London closes July 1st.



Jun 19, 2007

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Hot fun

"Good Funky Miles," FOG's summer show, it's a poem it's up and it looks lovely. In other less horn-blowing news, gallery artists Anthony Campuzano and Felipe Jesus Consalvos have works in the group show "Text Messaging" at Adam Baumgold Gallery, uptown in Manhattan. The show will be up there until August 15th. "Good Funky Miles" will be up until the end of July, and we'll reopen proper on 19th September. Thanks again!

Jun 06, 2007

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Gallery artist Jina Valentine is appearing in a four-person exhibition at Jack The Pelican Presents in Brooklyn from May 12th to June 10th. Curator W. Benjamin Smith describes her contribution thusly: "Delicately cut-up bags of sugar and corn meal emerge as beautiful cadavers of processed pop food packaging with their granular insides pouring out. Valentine is also installing what may be perceived as a nervous sand painting of a makeshift prayer rug out of bleached flour. Jina, who recently was exhibited at the Studio Museum in Harlem, works almost as an actress in her studio playing roles of folk artists with odd and obsessive practices. She consciously chooses strange alternatives to canvas, from cupboard objects and wallpaper to record cases and shadows." Sounds great and check it out.


May 07, 2007

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Media Studies

A flurry of media interest has fallen upon the artists of the Fleisher/Ollman Gallery this month. Isaac Resnikoff is featured solely as the "Critic's Pick" on the desirable final leaf of the May issue of Artnews, while Anthony Campuzano is on the back cover and plum in the middle of the latest edition of New American Paintings "40 artists you should know about." TODT received a remarkable review in the Philadelphia Inquirer on the 27th April, while Sculpture Magazine has an 8 page, generously-illustrated article with interview in its May issue. TODT AFTER NEXT will be up until the end of the month, and is already proving one of our most popular shows of recent time. Do pay us a visit or drop us a line, and thank you.

May 04, 2007

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an extraordinary culmination

Tonight marks the opening of TODT AFTER NEXT, a show that we have been working on for almost 2 years. TODT, a collective formed in 1978 who have exhibited at P.S.1, The Whitney Biennial, The Brooklyn Museum, The Venice Biennale and now Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, are among the most important New York artists of the 1980s, and remain among the most industrious, inventive and challenging artists, period. We are honored to present this show, which includes the double lightbox "Double Fuck Susie," famously censored at the Indianapolis Museum in 1995, weapons that stopped traffic on Walnut Street as we installed last week, and 3 sculptures including toilets. Here are sculptures that presupposed every cultural art shock of the 90s, from Hirst, to Emin to the Chapmans, by ten years clear. Please join us, 6-8, April 20th 2007.

In related news, there is a pleasant if small puff on Paper Magazine's diary about Fleisher/Ollman Gallery:


Apr 20, 2007

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Back to normal

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery has been honored with a contribution to the New York Foundation for the Arts' online magazine, Current. Commenting on the colic and euphoria of Locally Localized Gravity, an exhibition in Philadelphia which has received nationwide attention, this piece opts to speak plainly of how we are all feeling here. Check it out.


Mar 28, 2007

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Tillykke Lille Fugl

Up now until April 14th, Fleisher/Ollman presents Tillykke Lille Fugl (Congratulations Little Bird,) a show of work by a group of young Danes mobilizing Copenhagen through music, performance and public art. We have had a remarkable relationship with these artists for the last five years, and are delighted to have been able to cull their archives for this light, joyful, informative exhibition. It is a real bazaar, with lots to take away, literally and figuratively. Inquire for images, available multiples and further avenues to explore.


Mar 23, 2007

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We All Belong

Guided by Fleisher/Ollman's design team, the second LP by Philadelphia's sensationally popular Dr. Dog is adorned by artwork from the estate of Felipe Jesus Consalvos. Released on February 27th by Park The Van Records, the record sounds as good as it looks. Felipe Jesus Consalvos will next appear at the Intuit Fair and Art Chicago in the Merchandise Mart, April 27th-30th.

Feb 20, 2007

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Frank Prattle

A peripatetic, passionate audio interview with Fleisher/Ollman, conducted on the top floor of a warehouse while a party raged below, is available for your ears. It covers a tremendous amount of ground, from love to art to the art market to Elton John. Do have a listen if 40 minutes of rambling and swearing sounds like a good time.


Scroll down a bit (third item)

Feb 14, 2007

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Dumbo Lowe

Tristin Lowe's Dumbo, created for the Fabric Workshop and Museum in 2001, is currently on view in the storefront window of the Workshop's interim space at 1222 Arch Street in Philadelphia. The next window is papered with Virgil Marti's blacklight bullies wallpaper, formerly the famous interior of the Workshop's gents bathroom. There for the forseeable future, do check it out.

Feb 13, 2007

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Dark Matters

Jina Valentine's Dark Matters is up and running in the gallery, here until March 10th. There are more than 60 works on display from the last 18 months, none previously exhibited bar "Appetite For Destruction," a sculpture that featured in "Frequency" at the Studio Museum in Harlem last year. "Appetite For Mahogany," an answer piece, dominates the main space. Exhibition notes written in discussion with Valentine are available in the gallery and by request.

Feb 13, 2007

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Annabeth Rosen in San Francisco

Gallery artist Annabeth Rosen is currently appearing in "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" at New Langton Arts in San Francisco. Running through February 24th, here is an optimistic curatorial essay on faith in abstraction. Alongside Rosen, the show features Robert Bordo, Charline Von Heyl, Rebecca Morris, Avery Pressman, Amy Sillman and John Zurier. Stephen Westfall and Larry Rinder will discuss the work and its implications in a lecture on February 1st.


Jan 23, 2007

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Join Megawords and Fleisher/Ollman Gallery for the release of "Public Wall Writing in Philadelphia", 6-8pm on Wednesday, January 31st. Food will be provided by Wadada, and audio/visual interventions will be provided by Megawords. These are some of the city's best citizens. This will be a treat. Afterparty, with drink specials, 8-10pm at Bar Noir, right around the corner. This too will be a treat. Contact us or them for more information.


Jan 23, 2007

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A substantial commission

Gallery artist Mei-Ling Hom has won the art commission for the expansion of The Philadelphia Airport's Terminals D and E. Occupying the Hammerhead rotunda, the actual point of departure, Hom's installation will contain 35 large wire clouds, created by individually tweaking and weaving the hex cells of stainless steel netting, or chickenwire, as it's often known. An exhibition of similarly ethereal works inhabited the gallery in 2004, and can be seen on Hom's page in the artists section of the site. We offer sincere congratulations.

Jan 05, 2007

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The mercurials

A definitive, descriptive review of Morgellons at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery dominates today's Arts section in the Philadelphia Weekly. This morning we heard a lady on the street say "why you gotta answer my question with a question?" As far as this piece goes, the way that the review responds seems necessary and au fait. Enjoy. Morgellons will be extended to January 27th.


Jan 03, 2007

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Fleisher/Ollman has written a yarn about life in Philadelphia for Artjaw, an ongoing oral history of art in Philadelphia. It is a story we've told before and will probably tell again, but it has yet to get old. The site is a fine hub for many Philadelphia pros and could well send you somewhere quite interesting.


Jan 01, 2007

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Holiday Hours

Our annual Winter Invitational is going great guns, and there are all sorts of opportunities to see it in the upcoming weeks. The gallery will be closed December 25th, 26th and January 1st. Other than that Fleisher/Ollman will operate at our regular hours. Walnut Street is very nice at this time of year, you look down from the picture window and see people act crazy and unstable all day.

Dec 21, 2006

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Fleisher/Ollman will be leading a gallery talk and lecture at Vox Populi Gallery at 6.30 on the evening of December 1st. The storied 1315 Cherry Street location, which houses Vox and the Fabric Workshop among other arts organizations, is being razed in February to accomodate the expansion of the Philadelphia Convention Center. This blistering, straight-ahead campaign would have made William Tecumseh Sherman very proud. So Friday, the last exhibition, should be an emotional, perhaps bitter, certainly hi-energy event.


Nov 30, 2006

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Two morsels of varying importance

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery was featured both glossily and very sympathetically in last week's New York Times Travel magazine. We're very proud. Read for yourselves through some creative searching at nytimes.com.

For locals looking for action tonight, Fleisher/Ollman has very kindly been asked to play records at Transit nightclub. Local luminaries Low Budget and Spank Rock will be making a mess on the main floor, and we will be up in the attic trying to figure out ways to play jazz records, then not playing them at all. Our dear friends Philebrity.com are compèring the party and it should be an absolute smasher. Starts at 10, goes to 3.30, and there's free drinks for the first hour.

Nov 22, 2006

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Lovely full-page review today in the Philadelphia Inquirer of both current Fleisher/Ollman shows. Edith Newhall offers incisive observations on Bruce Pollock's evolution over almost 30 years at the gallery, and tackles Jack Sloss' powerhouse poetry head-on. And with considerable gusto on both counts.


Nov 17, 2006

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Anthony Campuzano in 25 x 25

Cross-pollination in Philadelphia is an interesting new development, and we are very happy to announce that gallery artist Anthony Campuzano will be appearing at the Cerealart Project Room in '25 x 25,' an exhibition of 25 works from the last 25 years by 25 artists who have shown with or are associated with White Columns, New York. It's a world-class roster, and full details can be found on http://www.cerealart.com. Curated by White Columns' Matthew Higgs and Amie Scally, the show runs from November 17th to January 17th.

Nov 10, 2006

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"The Crier" Issue 2

Hot off the press, issue 2 of Brooklyn-based literary magazine "The Crier" has arrived at the gallery and is available for sale in the live library. Includes an epic essay from former Fleisher-Ollman curator Brendan Greaves on death and a 1929 Southern sermon recorded on a 78 side called The Black Camel of Death, a close reading-slash-morality play on Mark Leckey's Drunken Bakers video, and thoughts on the NBA offseason. And lots, really lots, more besides.

Nov 06, 2006

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Philadelphia Wireman

It has been a brisk and very satisfying 2006 for the Philadelphia Wireman, a singular enigma whose charged, history-filled icons have been exhibited at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery since their discovery in 1982. Following a collaboration with Matthew Marks Gallery's pocket space this past spring, spring 2007 will bring Wireman exhibitions to the Cornell Fine Arts Museum in Winter Park, Florida and the Oernskoldsviks Museum in Northern Sweden. Full details to appear on the artist page. We have also recently reacquired one of the Wireman masterworks, a piece with the size and animation of a human lung. Do come see it in the gallery.

Nov 04, 2006

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Rock in New York

Fans of Rock and Roll should be encouraged to visit New York's storied Webster Hall venue on Thursday, November 2nd, to see performances from celebrated experimental party musicians Gang Gang Dance (NY) and Hot Chip (London.) In addition to these two tremendous acts, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery will be playing records between sets. Promises to be an odd and exhilarating evening. Doors at 6pm, 20 dollars entry.

Oct 31, 2006

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Mei-Ling Hom receives Fulbright

Very proud to announce that Gallery artist Mei-Ling Hom has received a Fulbright Scholarship, an award that will take her to Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, to interview and document contemporary Korean ceramicists. During the ten-month sojourn, from March to December 2007, Hom will also set up a studio and travel around the penninsula, and we eagerly await the fruits of this adventure.

Oct 17, 2006

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Annual Invitational Invitation

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is soliciting entries for our annual invitational of emerging Philadelphia artists. This is a perennial eye-opener and delight, and the talent pool grows each year.

We have established fruitful relationships with many of the artists in these shows over the past three years, and this year promises to be the beginning of more.

The submission deadline for the first round is November 11th. Full details viewable here.

Please sound the call far and wide.

Oct 17, 2006

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Rocket From The Tombs

Keen to point you towards

a fierce morsel of criticism
on Greil Marcus' new book. Gabe Boylan is a rara avis and friend (he deejayed a storied party for the gallery's first December invitational a few years back,) and even the most objective viewer will agree that this piece trumps the New York Times book review as far as dispersible critique goes. Since that's what matters here, nice work.

Oct 12, 2006

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Living Library

After several months of preparation, Fleisher/Ollman is proud to unveil its living library of self-published fanzines, tracts, screeds, slander, philosophy, doodle and doo-doo. The publications are available for sale and extended reference in the gallery, neither classified nor ranked, and we will periodically pick out exceptional work to feature on the shelf and on the website. This month's hot potatoes are:


Hobo travelogues in photo and ephemera from a mob of tender itinerant Scandinavians. Cobbled together and produced in one day by Marten Damgaard, Tristin Ceddia, Barry McGee and Thomas Stavnes. 100 copies only, full color and black-and-white xerox, 2-color silkscreened cover.


Two short stories and a longer novella by Matthias Connor, Carnaby Street legend, former pornographer and perennial dole collector. Spite and resignation vibrating from London center out to the suburbs. Original stamped cover artwork by Oliver Payne and Nick Relph.


Delighted to get these back in. Textbook-quality urban documentary, without a posture or a politic. Profoundly touching and prescient Philadelphia work from 2003. First printing, final copies, perfect bound, doorstopper-thick, 4-color silkscreened cover.

Please contact us for more information. If you would like to add your own publications to the library, for loan or sale, don't hesitate.

Oct 10, 2006

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Tristin Lowe: Socked Up

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is pleased to invite you to Thursday's opening of "Socked Up," new work from Tristin Lowe, 6-8pm in the Gallery, with all the usual trimmings.

"Socked Up" is Lowe's first commercial gallery exhibition after over a decade of projects at such storied institutions as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, the ICA Philadelphia and The Royal Hibernian Academy. The installation includes over 50 new works: sculpture from intimate to large scale, and inflatable, 2D drawing studies, completed works and photographs, felt collages and a shocking homunculus.

As ambitious a show as we have mounted at our new space, these ruminations on sex, space, safety and middle age should prove a highlight of the season.

Oct 03, 2006

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Anthony Campuzano's "Portrait of Kathy Change" and Isaac Resnikoff's "Geode" were purchased this month for the permanent collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, one of the foremost collections of American Art in the world. First-rate recent works both, see them there in the immediate months.

Sep 30, 2006

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A jukebox essential

Delighted to alert you to a 45 from a close friend of Fleisher/Ollman and quiet supernova of the Philadelphia music scene, Meg Baird. Meg has been central to the success of Drag City recording artists and international weirdos Espers for several years, and her solo material is a gift.

The record itself is a single as a single is supposed to be. Big beautiful picture, 500 copies, hit on the A side, a cappella on the flip. Five minutes of wonder. We may get a few copies in the gallery, but do well and buy from (another house favorite) North Philly label Tequila Sunrise Records.

Sep 29, 2006

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Best of Philadelphia 2006

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery was named Best art gallery in Philadelphia by Philadelphia magazine this year. This is a legitimate award, an honor and a chance for a photograph and a piss-up with members of the '76ers and best Philadelphia band Dr. Dog. Thank you for your support over the course of an extraordinary year.

Sep 20, 2006

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"Heaven and Here"

Keen to point you towards Heaven and Here, a remarkable series of unfolding essays from noted national authors exclusively engaged with the HBO television series "The Wire" and the arguments it raises. We at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery do not watch much TV, but are enthusiastic about good writing and good internet. This passionate, whip-smart project will last as long as the program lasts. A worthwhile experiment.

Sep 19, 2006

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"Alone in the Wilderness" Screening

Announcing the heartily Fleisher/Ollman Gallery-endorsed, Isaac Resnikoff-hosted showing of Dick Proenneke's "Alone in the Wilderness" for the summer screening series at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. The film documents Proenneke's life as he builds a homestead at the base of the Aleutian Penninsula, Alaska, in the late 1960's. Tangles with bears, struggles with cold and beautiful carpentry punctuate this unforgettable work. Notes will be given before the film.

Tuesday, July 18th
Free to all
University of the Arts
320 South Broad Street
Anderson Hall 212


Jul 07, 2006

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"The Crier" Philadelphia launch party

A local launch party, cocktail hour and reading will take place at Fleisher/Ollman on Saturday, July 15th. The Crier is a brave new literary journal founded by Christine Smallwood and Doree Shafrir in Brooklyn, focused on the long form and linguistic risk, and it is a treat to celebrate the first issue with them. Open to all, but numbers are limited.

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery
July 15th, 2006
strict RSVP required: events@thecriermag.com


Jul 06, 2006

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Anthony Campuzano at Bellwether Gallery

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is delighted to announce the inclusion of Anthony Campuzano in "Choplogic", a three-person exhibition of work from Melissa Brown, Campuzano and Amy Wilson.

New works include a reworked version of the UN Meditation Room from "The Police Are Here" and drawings concerning Siousxie and The Banshees, The Fall of the early 1990s, and the Bush administration.

June 29th-August 11th
Bellwether Gallery
134 Tenth Avenue, New York


Jun 27, 2006

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Isaac Resnikoff at Black Floor

A collaborative work by Isaac Resnikoff and Kate Abercrombie will appear in Two-Headed Monster: A group show of collaborations at Black Floor Gallery in Philadelphia.

July 7th-July 29th
Black Floor
319 N. 11th St. 3rd Fl.


Jun 22, 2006

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Rip, Rig & Panic

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is happy to invite you to the opening, tonight, of Rip Rig & Panic.

The title Rip, Rig and Panic appeared from space while we were throwing ideas around Isaac Resnikoff’s Port Richmond studio last month. It is the name of a 1965 album by Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Kirk could, and would, adopt any style from jazz history with great sensitivity and invention, often on multiple horns that, using circular breathing, he could play simultaneously and for a very long time without stopping. I find myself hard pressed at this instance to cite a Twentieth-Century artist who has done more with their gifts. Having said that, this show has nothing much to do with Rahsaan Roland Kirk. We mostly loved seeing the words rip, rig and panic together in a line, and these days such a reason is a legitimate, if completely goofy, curatorial signature. Beyond that, ripping, rigging and panicking are three unusual activities that people seem to be enjoying in America today.

Jun 21, 2006

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Perspectives: Mei Ling Hom

Fleisher Ollman Gallery is proud to announce an upcomming lecture by Mei Ling Hom in conjunction with the exhibition "Perspectives: Mei Ling Hom" at the Smithsonian, in Washington D.C. The artist will speak on Friday, February 3rd at noon, in the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.

Perspectives: Mei Ling Hom
August 27th, 2005 - March 5th, 2006
Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Smithsonian Institution
1050 Independence Avenue
Washington D.C.

Open Daily, 10am - 5:30pm

Jan 25, 2006

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Tristin Lowe/Richard Harrod: Blohard Gallery

Eileen Neff in ArtForum

Tristin Lowe

Mar 01, 2000

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