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Felipe Jesus Consalvos

1891–c. 1960, b. Cuba; lived and worked Miami, New York and Philadelphia

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A self-appointed “artist, healer, and man,” Felipe Jesus Consalvos worked for much of his life as a cigar roller, and he extrapolated the vernacular tradition of cigar band collage to a sophisticated practice. The Havana-born artist immigrated to Miami around 1920, eventually settling in New York and then Philadelphia. His obsessive body of work—over 750 surviving collages on paper, found photographs, musical instruments, furniture, and other unexpected surfaces—was discovered in 1980 at a West Philadelphia garage sale. Consalvos' practice parallels and in some cases prefigures certain contemporaneous developments in Surrealist, Dada, and Futurist and Pop collage, and even poetry. His collages share the biting socio-political satire and absurdist impulse of Dadaists like Kurt Schwitters and Max Ernst, along with abstruse mysticism.

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Cigarmaker, Creator, Healer & Man: the artwork of Felipe Jesus Consalvos

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Felipe Jesus Consalvos


Expanding the Scope of ‘Latin American Art’

Holland Cotter in The New York Times


Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Dec 16, 2021

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Popular Painters & Other Visionaries

Felipe Jesus Consalvos

El Museo del Barrio
New York, NY
Nov 12, 2021–Feb 27, 2022

Nov 18, 2021

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La Tranchée Racine Hebdomadaire Numéro 25

Published in conjunction with “DANS LES TÊTES DE STÉPHANE BLANQUET” at Halle St. Pierre, Paris


Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Jul 18, 2021

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Dear John


New York, NY
Mar 19–Apr 24, 2021 

In collaboration with Adams and Ollman and Fleisher/Ollman


James Castle
Felipe Jesus Consalvos
William Edmondson
Lee Godie
William Hawkins
Philadelphia Wireman
Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
Bill Walton
Joseph Yoakum

Mar 24, 2021

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White Columns Benefit Auction

Works by Felipe Jesus Consalvos and Philadelphia Wireman, and a Memory Jug from Fleisher/Ollman’s collection are included in White Columns’ annual benefit auction.

Silent auction: May 18–29
Live auction: Wednesday, May 29, 6:30pm
White Columns
91 Horatio St, New York, NY


Tickets available here.

May 22, 2019

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Pictures at An Exhibition: Think of Me [ArtNews]

Anthony Campuzano and Felipe Jesus Consalvos on ARTnews.com

Feb 22, 2019

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Think of Me

Group show including Anthony Campuzano and Felipe Jesus Consalvos


Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR

Feb 8–Mar 16, 2019

Feb 08, 2019

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White Columns Annual Benefit

The annual White Columns benefit includes works by Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Julian Martin (donated by Arts Project Australia), Philadelphia Wireman, and Jayson Musson.

Friday, June 22, 2018, 7pm

Jun 22, 2018

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12 Great Affordable Artworks at the 2017 Outsider Art Fair

in Artnet News

Jan 20, 2017

Felipe jesus consalvos 0799 500 0x0x2704x3481 q85

From Curiosity to Institution: The Outsider Art Fair at 25

in Hyperallergic

Jan 14, 2017

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Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Felipe Jesus Consalvos makes an appearance on Harper's Magazine's Monday Gallery.

Aug 11, 2015

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Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Featured on Dazed Digital's NO WAY! blog


The importance of a 1920s cigar roller from Havana in the evolution of collage art

Aug 15, 2013

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Maccarone Gallery Exhibition

Gallery artists Bill Walton, Felipe Jesus Consalvos and the Philadelphia Wireman are included in:

630 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10014
July 9 - August 13, 2011

Artists Include:

Carol Bove
John Chamberlain
Felipe Jesus Consalvos
Ann Craven
Joseph Cornell
Lee Godie
Eli Hansen
Charles Harlan
Sheila Hicks
Paul Lee
Philadelphia Wireman
Oscar Tuazon
Bill Walton

Jun 22, 2011

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Consalvos at Andrew Edlin

An exhibition of the work of Felipe Jesus Consalvos is on view at Andrew Edlin Gallery. The exhibition features Consalvos' trademark large-scale collages, several which are double-sided, and a selection of sculptural objects – including a grouping of collaged kaleidoscopes and binoculars, a guitar and jeweled violin. The exhibition is on view from December 16, 2010 through January 29, 2011.

Dec 16, 2010

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Summer shows

3 Fleisher/Ollman artists are featured in two innovative summer shows at the moment. Find Anthony Campuzano and Felipe Jesus Consalvos at Adam Baumgold Gallery, 74 East 79th Street in New York City, participating in 'Text Messaging,' a show of words in pictures. Those in London would do well to visit David Risley Gallery for 'The Citadel,' a living room environment, fully inhabitable, containing, among many other fine works, two delicate James Castle interiors. New York runs until August 15th, while London closes July 1st.



Jun 19, 2007

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Hot fun

"Good Funky Miles," FOG's summer show, it's a poem it's up and it looks lovely. In other less horn-blowing news, gallery artists Anthony Campuzano and Felipe Jesus Consalvos have works in the group show "Text Messaging" at Adam Baumgold Gallery, uptown in Manhattan. The show will be up there until August 15th. "Good Funky Miles" will be up until the end of July, and we'll reopen proper on 19th September. Thanks again!

Jun 06, 2007

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We All Belong

Guided by Fleisher/Ollman's design team, the second LP by Philadelphia's sensationally popular Dr. Dog is adorned by artwork from the estate of Felipe Jesus Consalvos. Released on February 27th by Park The Van Records, the record sounds as good as it looks. Felipe Jesus Consalvos will next appear at the Intuit Fair and Art Chicago in the Merchandise Mart, April 27th-30th.

Feb 20, 2007

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