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Joy Feasley

b. 1966, b. Buffalo, NY; lives and works Philadelphia, PA

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Joy Feasley combines painting and installation creating environments steeped in alternative belief systems (the occult, the Shaker religion, the dreamworld) that reinterpret ideas of the sublime, depicting nature as both ominous and life-affirming. Moving between abstraction and representation often in the same work, Feasley’s paintings incorporate sacred geometries as well as personal narratives. She often works collaboratively with her husband, Paul Swenbeck. In 2018, Feasley and Swenbeck created a large-scale environment for the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI, titled Out Out Phosphene Candle and in 2021 they were commissioned by the Kohler to create restrooms based on elements of this exhibition for the museum’s new building.


She has shown at venues including the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Moore College of Art, the Temple Gallery, the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and Vox Populi, all in Philadelphia, PA; Adams and Ollman, Portland, OR; Columbia College, Chicago, IL; LUMP Gallery and Contemporary Art Museum, Raleigh, NC; and Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland. Her work is in the collections of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the West Collection. She has been in residence at the Acadia Summer Arts Program, Bar Harbor, ME and at the 18th Street Arts Center Santa Monica, CA. In 2011 she was awarded a Pew Fellowship in the Arts.

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Out, Out, Phosphene Candle



Joy Feasley



Hicks Art Center Gallery, Bucks County Community Collete
Newtown, PA
Aug 24–Oct 14, 2022

Aug 19, 2022

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Joy Feasley: lyseslukker

Joy Feasley

Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR
Nov 1–Dec 18, 2021

Nov 01, 2021

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In Dialogue

Joy Feasley, Paul Swenbeck, Pat Maguire

Temple Contemporary
Philadelphia, PA
Oct 22, 2021–Feb 4, 2022

Oct 22, 2021

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Will o’ the Wisp

Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley

Center for Maine Contemporary Art
Rockland, Maine
May 29 – Sep 12, 2021


Organized by and featuring Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck, including Asata Radcliffe, Aaron Igler, Virgil Marti, Clint Takeda, Kelsey Halliday Johnson and Shannon Bowser.


May 29, 2021

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Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck in NADA House

Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck will present a collaborative installation, Midnight Sun, sponsored by Adams and Ollman and Fleisher/Ollman

Colonels Row, Governors Island
New York, NY
May 4 2019–Aug 4 2019

May 02, 2019

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Artforum: Joy Feasley and Paul Swenbeck

Bea Huff Hunter reviews Out, Out, Phosphene Candle at the John MIchael Kohler Arts Center


Joy Feasley, Paul Swenbeck

Sep 05, 2018

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Condo New York

Adams and Ollman, Portland; and Chapter NY present a three-person exhibition including Joy Feasley.

Chapter NY
New York, NY
Jun 29–Jul 27, 2018


Jun 29, 2018

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Out, Out, Phosphene Candle

Video interview with Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley at Kohler Arts Center

Mar 27, 2018

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Out, Out, Phosphene Candle

Joy Feasley, Paul Swenbeck



John Michael Kohler Art Center

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Feb 25–Sep 02, 2018




Photo: Kohler Co., John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Feb 27, 2018

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Joy Feasley: Violets Under a Spell

Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR
Oct 20–Nov 22, 2017

Oct 20, 2017

Joy feasley violets under a spell 500 48x43x904x1107 q85

The Secret Staircase

Adams and Ollman
Portland, OR
Jul 15–Aug 13, 2016


Including: Charles BurchfieldJoy FeasleyJohanna JacksonChris JohansonPaul SwenbeckAgatha Wojciechowsky 

Jul 15, 2016

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Critics' Picks: Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley [Artforum]

Feasley and Swenbeck's collaborative installation A Hatchet to Kill Old Ugly at the Fabric Workshop and Museum's New Temporary Contemporary, is an Artforum Critics' Pick.

Nov 19, 2014

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Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley: A Hatchet to Kill Old Ugly

This collaborative installation of paintings, ceramics, furniture, sculpture and interior decor by Paul Swenbeck and Joy Feasley is inspired by Shaker spirit drawings and magic. The exhibition derives its title from a Shaker name for the Devil—“Old Ugly”—seen in spirit drawings, which the Shakers created to describe symbols seen in visions.


Fabric Workshop and Museum
The New Temporary Contemporary
1222 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2816
October 2, 2014–January 4, 2015

Oct 15, 2014

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