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Molly Metz

b. 1992, Bethlehem, PA; lives and works in Philadelphia

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Molly Metz’s multivalent paintings bring to mind the complexity of existence from the cellular to the astronomical, from the terrestrial to the aquatic, and the nooks and crannies in-between. Many of Metz’s works feature words and short phrases that bring humor into the picture. Tiny texts are often embedded within odd-shaped forms (cells, squiggles, gestures) with words occasionally so small that at first glance we might mistake them for thready bits of organic material. Adding to the depth of field of her already richly painted surfaces are collage elements that interact with painted grounds. Metz’s paintings sometimes hold secret surprises—extemporaneous and process-oriented sketches in paint and other media on the reverse of their supports. 


Metz has a BA from Kutztown University (2014) and an MFA (painting) from Tyler School of Art (2016). Close Closer (2021) is her first solo show with Fleisher/Ollman. She has had solo exhibitions at Day Space, Philadelphia and Friends Indeed, San Francisco. Metz has been featured in group exhibitions at Fjord, Pilot Projects, Woodmere Art Museum, and Space 1026 (all in Philadelphia) and YUI Gallery, New York.

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Molly Metz: It Will Grow Back

Molly Metz

Friends Indeed Gallery
San Francisco, CA
Mar 31–May 6, 2022

Mar 30, 2022

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Platform, March 2022

Molly Metz

Mar 1–Mar 31, 2022

Mar 01, 2022

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