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A Complete Die

Jun 14 — Aug 24, 2012

Featuring work by: Justin Michell, John Finneran, Karen Kilimnik, Zach Harris, Jessica Mein, Anissa Mack, Mark Mahosky, Kate Abercrombie

A Complete Die, etc. was curated by artist Anthony Campuzano


"A Complete Die, etc." brings together the work of eight artists: four men and four women, two from Philadelphia, two from New York, two from Los Angeles and two from exotic places-Central PA and Sao Paulo/Dubai. The center point or vortex or frankly the thing that set me off arranging this exhibition is the dice collection of Justin Michell. It was my desire to see his collection again, in person and in total. In 2009 I was in LA and his collection was just beginning. At that point it filled only a small box or so, and now, in just 3 years, it will five large vitrines when displayed in ACD, etc. Responding to the multiple components, fractured surfaces and formal elements of this collection, this exhibition, an 8-sided die, if you will, consists of friends, colleagues and admired artists. Many of the artists are represented by a work that might be read as a detour from their usual practice or a glimpse into a lesser known side of their work.


OK so rules are good in some ways as long as they are able to be bent. In forming this exhibition I wanted to think about symmetry, about color, about collections, about practice, about seriality and about where that "bent thing" happens. Oh and one last thing- I was thinking about where just right and just wrong mean precisely the same thing.

— Anthony Campuzano, 2012

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Justin Michell's dice collection
2012 06 complete die 08 1000 xxx q85
Kate Abercrombie
2012 06 complete die 12 1000 xxx q85
Kate Abercrombie
2012 06 complete die 15 1000 xxx q85
Justin Michell
2012 06 complete die 20 1000 xxx q85
John Finneran
2012 06 complete die 21 1000 xxx q85
Zach Harris
2012 06 complete die 29 1000 xxx q85
Mark Mahosky, Kate Abercrombie
2012 06 complete die 32 1000 xxx q85
Jessica Mein, John Finneran
2012 06 complete die 35 1000 xxx q85
John Finneran
2012 06 complete die 39 1000 xxx q85
Karen Kilimnick, John Finneran
2012 06 complete die 47 1000 xxx q85
Anissa Mack
2012 06 complete die 50 1000 xxx q85
Anissa Mack
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Closing reception for A Complete Die

Join us Friday August 24th from 6-8pm for the closing of A Complete Die. Quentin Stoltzfus will debut his new band, Light Heat, and album at 7pm.

Aug 16, 2012

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Press for “A Complete Die”

"Galleries: Artist-curator builds a show around a collection of dice." 

—Edith Newhall in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Aug 05, 2012