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Tristin Lowe: Socked Up

Oct 05 — Nov 04, 2006

Featuring work by: Tristin Lowe


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Tristin Lowe: Socked Up

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery is pleased to invite you to Thursday's opening of "Socked Up," new work from Tristin Lowe, 6-8pm in the Gallery, with all the usual trimmings.

"Socked Up" is Lowe's first commercial gallery exhibition after over a decade of projects at such storied institutions as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, the ICA Philadelphia and The Royal Hibernian Academy. The installation includes over 50 new works: sculpture from intimate to large scale, and inflatable, 2D drawing studies, completed works and photographs, felt collages and a shocking homunculus.

As ambitious a show as we have mounted at our new space, these ruminations on sex, space, safety and middle age should prove a highlight of the season.

Oct 03, 2006

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