Fleisher/Ollman Gallery


Additional artists

Isaac Tin Wei Lin

b. 1976
Lives and works in Philadelphia

Isaac Tin Wei Lin explores the realm where representation and buzzing abstraction meet. His surfaces are often densely covered in calligraphic, brushed and hand-drawn patterns that express both the logic and complexity of written language. Cartoon figures, often in the form of cats and dogs, make appearances, sometimes as larger-than-life-size cut-outs covered in pattern themselves. Working across painting, screenprinting, collage and installation, Lin also collaborates with other artists and photographers in creating hybrid works. He is an alumnus of Philadelphia's artist collective Space 1026.

2005 Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Residency Participant
2005 California College of the Arts, MFA Drawing/Painting
1998 Rhode Island School of Design, BFA Painting

Public Collections
Berkeley Art Museum
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Free Library of Philadelphia

Solo Shows

  • Chromatic IntercessionAdams and Ollman, Portland, OR 
  • Open LightRVCA, San Francisco, CA 
  • Unformed UniformURBN Building 543, Philadelphia, PA 
  • In Plain SightAsian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA 
  • Another DimensionPhiladelphia International Airport, Philadelphia, PA 
  • Last WordsPark Life, San Francisco, CA
  • Expressing the Whole FeelingLamp harajuku, Tokyo
  • One of UsThe Print Center, Philadelphia, PA
  • A Place Near HereFleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
  • New Dawn Fades Queen's Nails Annex, San Francisco, CA
  • Infinite Horizons Woodward Flats, San Francisco, CA

Group Shows

  • Rusu MoyoGreenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn NY 
  • Department of Neighborhood ServicesFleisher/Ollman, Philadelphia PA 
  • PARTICIPATEAsian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA
  • July Group ShowGuerrero Gallery, San Francisco CA 
  • New Wine New BottleFleisher/Ollman, Philadelphia, PA 
  • WallyMASS Gallery, Austin, TX 
  • Alley CatsMASS Gallery, Austin, TX 
  • Extended AbsenceBlanc Gallery, Cambridge, MA 
  • Biennale d’Art Contemporain (with D.F.W.)Le Havre, France 
  • The BeginningBeginnings, New York, NY
  • Portrait of a GenerationThe Hole, New York, NY
  • Here and NowPhiladelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA
  • Off CameraFleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
  • The Armory ShowFleisher/Ollman Gallery, New York, NY
  • The Never Ending Story IVCinders, Brooklyn, NY
  • With Friends Like TheseGiant Robot, New York NY
  • Crocodile TearsGiant Robot, New York NY
  • White Noise Drawn TogetherV1 Gallery, Copenhagen Denmark
  • Big Kids/Little Kids222 Gallery, Philadelphia PA
  • Brevity's Rainbow: A Tiny Art ShowCinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • White NoiseSpace 1026, Philadelphia PA
  • Cave PaintingsFleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia PA
  • Am The RythmPainted Bride, Philadelphia PA
  • A Kiss for the MezuzahPhiladelphia Museum of Jewish Art, Philadelphia PA
  • Coming UpElizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland OR
  • The Exquisite CorpsePainted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia PA
  • IndexphiliaBravin Lee Gallery, New York City NY
  • AutomaticFranklin Parrasch Gallery, New York City NY
  • Blood in, Blood Out96 Gillespie, London England
  • No Bad BloodCinders Gallery, Brooklyn NY
  • Printed Matter 2GIANTROBOT NY, New York City NY
  • Locally Localized GravityInstitute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia PA
  • MORGELLONSFleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia PA
  • California Calligraphy Summit: Cali/GraffiFine Arts Gallery SFSU, San Francisco CA
  • Sibling RevelryAfter Modern, San Francisco, CA
  • DrawFuse Gallery, New York, NY
  • Peer Pleasure 1: Royal Art Lodge, Space 1026 and Instant CoffeeYerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco CA
  • Friends of the Arts 222 Club, San Francisco, CA
  • Magic Stones in the Secret CaveFloral Gallery, Oakland CA
  • Saturation: Portland Modern:Disjecta, Portland OR
  • Best of the Bay: Future/FantasticTriple Base, San Francisco CA
  • Art in the Style of RadicalMagic Pony, Toronto Canada
  • Red DotSpector Gallery, Philadelphia PA
  • Something in the Water 222 Gallery, Philadelphia PA
  • Hold Me, PleaseRenowned Gallery, Portland OR
  • The Seed MarketLizabeth Oliveria Gallery, Los Angeles CA
  • Two for the SeesawBranch Gallery, Carrboro NC
  • WHITE BOXTriple Base Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • Postcards from PoketoReceiver Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • Soon and Very SoonRenowned Gallery, Portland OR
  • Bay Area BazaarPulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery, Portland OR
  • Paper!Awesome!Pigman Gallery, San Francisco CA
  • For LandscapeQueen's Nail Annex, San Francisco CA
  • MFA Thesis Show California College of the Arts, San Francisco CA
  • ONE WITH THE SUN Ooga Booga Store, Los Angeles CA
  • P-TOWNSNew Image Art Gallery, West Hollywood CA
  • The New Image Art ShowRVCA Gallery, Costa Mesa CA
  • By the People For the PeopleTransport Gallery, Los Angeles CA
  • Reach For the Rainbow in the DarkCovivant Gallery, Tampa Bay FL
  • DayDream Nation3 Rivers Arts Festival Gallery, Pittsburgh PA
  • Poketo Art Show 02Cowboys and Angels, San Francisco CA
  • I Love Music Creative Growth Gallery, Oakland CA
  • OOH! AH! SHANGRI-LA!Cassius King Gallery, San Diego CA
  • Everybody Rules EverythingAntiSocial Gallery, Vancouver BC
  • Philadelphia and FriendsSpace 23,7 Toledo OH
  • Beaver CollegeThe Mockbee, Cincinatti OH
  • Seed SpreadersNew Image Art Gallery, W. Hollywood CA
  • SHAZAM!Creative Alliance, Baltimore MD
  • ArtscapeM&T Bank Model Home, Baltimore MD
  • Drawing For ItSpector Gallery, Philadelphia PA
  • Brothers From Different MothersLUMP Gallery, Raleigh NC
  • Seperations222 Gallery, Philadelphia PA
  • 9 from Space 1026 + LUMP= deece!LUMP Gallery, Raleigh NC
  • Scratch off the SerialInstitute of Contemporary Art, Philadelpha PA